NDX2 in a non Naim aystem

Hello I’m new to the forum so apologies if this has been asked before. I have taken the plunge on a Naim NDX2/XPS DR and Melco N100. I E had them in my system and although still burning in I am mightily impressed. The system has an almost vinyl like quality to it (my main source is Avid Acutus).

I don’t use Naim amps and have the NDX2 output set to RCA through Nordost Tyr 2. So my question is this the best connection choice or should I try DIN - RCA? I also note that in the set up on the app I can turn on DIN , RCA or DIN+RCA. Does the latter option mean I can use the NDX2 into two amps?

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Welcome to the forum Teskey. All else being equal, I have consistently preferred the DIN output to the RCA Phono whenever I’ve done comparisons in the past. It’s the reason Naim use DINs, because they feel they perform better than RCA Phonos, particularly within a complete Naim system.

Here’s a bit more on why Naim use DINs, from the FAQ:

You can have both RCA Phono and DIN outputting together however there is a performance penalty here - better to switch to either one or the other.

Thanks for the informative reply Richard. As I only have RCA inputs on my non Naim pre amp would you suggest DIN-RCA or would the reflections associated with RCA defeat the object here?

I have found there to be benefits even when only one end of an interconnect had a DIN.

So thanks to the willingness and courtesy of my local dealer I found myself in the position of having two Chord Signature interconnects on loan for 48 hours. One of them was DIN - RCA the other RCA- RCA. Time for me to see if, in my system and to my ears, there was a discernible difference.

I also wanted to see if having the DIN and RCA outputs of my NDX2 turned on simultaneously affected the sound - it did! With the two outputs turned on the sound was just awful, with both the dedicated DIN and RCA outputs only switched on being preferable.

Comparing DIN-RCA with RCA-RCA I preferred the RCA-RCA leads. The DIN-RCA seemed to give a rather forced and tiresome performance. Soundstaging was diminished and the bass notes sounded a bit “blocky” and one dimensional. Contrast that the the RCA-RCA, the bass was more organic, the sound more laid back and refined and the soundstage was more open.

Suffice to say that, in my non-Naim system, the NDX2 sounds better connected with RCA-RCA lead to my pre-amp.

Good evening from Brussels,
I own an ‘’old’’ NDX connected (via Bnc) to the nDac .
The rca rca connection to the non Naim preamp sounds better than the din-rca to my ears . Smoother.

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