NDX2 Interconnect upgrade

Preferred the chord sarum t to the superlumina between my cds3 and 252/300dr

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Cześć Kacper,
I see on your profile Ndx. Do you have the Ndx2 or still the Ndx.
I ask because you want to buy the Melco n1zh60 / 2. Your price is good. I bought mine for a similar price and it’s a must.
A big upgrade, specially if you had only a Nas.

However, if you have the Ndx 1, a bigger upgrade for same money would be the Nds.

Cześć Frenchrooster,

Indeed, I do have the NDX which I will probably trade in for NDX2 somewhere in next year.
I haven’t tried anything els except Synology as far as now.
How about the settings of Melco, is it so easy and simple as they describe about that thing?
Shall I placed the switch (aqavox) between Melco and streamer or not?


I bought a pre-owned Hi-line to connect NDS to SN2, and it made a heck of a difference. It was a very good price, so I bought it with the plan to just move it on after trying it.
Even my wife told me to keep it after she heard it.


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Don’t test the Super Lumina Dave, unless you know you can afford to keep it! :crazy_face:


SL IC is also a silver construction, it may not be for everyones ears in every system. It certainly has a distinctly different presentation characteristic relative to the Hi-Line but I’d borrow one and give it a good week of listening if your dealer is happy to do so. I borrowed one and did just that and found it a little bright for my ears but it’s a very good IC and certainly less fragile and easier to dress than a Hi-Line.

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Interesting, bright is definitely not a term I would use for the SL with my system and speakers.
It is amazingly revealing and crisp. It certainly doesn’t exaggerate any elements individually but as a whole in my opinion.


Which highlights my point exactly, that it comes down to personal preferences and systems synergy.
I was keen to add it to my setup for a number of reasons, having given it a fair chance at home for a week I concluded that at that time and in that system it was going to be challenging to justify the cost given the end result. Given it’s relatively high cost, if someone was considering it (and based primarily on a more expensive = better cable methodology) I’d at the very least make a value/benefit assesement of if it was right for you as part of an extended home demo.
Any reasonable dealer should have no issues lending you one if you felt you would make a purchase at the end of that process.
I think if I add external PSU’s later down the line I’ll revisit it again and give it another extended listen.
Certainly an easier component to loan and home demo vs a black box or speakers at least, no harm giving it a meaningful assessment.
I have heard it A/B’d against a Hi-Line at my dealers demo room on a very similar system to mine and would agree it has better flow and dynamics and sounds more open. Some may like what it brings but I’d not imply that it would be a change that everyone would appreciate considering the cost and presentation factors.

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I ended up with the S/L by a happy outcome when I went to buy the H/L and a used S/L was available. The S/L speaker cable also adds quite a lovely synergy with some serious organic detail and a remarkable extending of the bottom end of the frequency range.

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For you, perhaps, but that just shows how important it is to demo for yourself as results seem to vary wildly between different users or systems.
I had a demo SL replacing my standard lead between NDX and 282, and heard no improvement whatsoever.

Totally agree, if i had bought because most on the forum like SL i would have very little to show for a small fortune.

I genuinely find that absolutely amazing Chris, it was a massive upgrade and one that made my wife sit up and take notice. Something that never happens!

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