NDX2 into 272

Hi All,

My setup is a 272/555psdr/300dr and I’ve just purchased an NDX2 which (until I get a 252 and SCDR) will go into my 272 and act only as a pre.

Even though this is an interim step, I’m hoping for an improvement- anyone gone this route?



Not me Dan but there’s plenty of chat on here about the ability of a 272 as a pre-amp. Worth having a search.



Also an interesting angle will be to see whether you prefer the 555PS DR on the 272 or the NDX2. It makes a big difference on both.



Oh and another question - should I now plug 555 into NDX or leave in the 272?

Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s something you’ll need to try for yourself. Give it a go and report back. You can then be the adviser rather than the advised.

To add to David’s suggestion of the 272/555PS combo, you could try (with a suitable cable) the NDX2 as an S/PDIF source to the 272.

Normally the Ndx2 has a better streaming platform and a better dac vs those of the 272. So I don’t see any benefit to do that.
Or i miss something?


It does, but if you’ve supercharged the 272 with the 555PS then its DAC section may sound ‘better’ than a bare NDX2, hence the suggestion to try the bare NDX2 as a digital source.

Ah ok, well, perhaps, but I doubt…should be interesting to try.

Not much point in people seeking advice?

Funny I thought this forum was fantastic at giving advice to others as you have done excellently for many previously.

But when all the boxes are in someone’s house surely it’s sensible to just try it. I doubt there are many who’ve done the comparison and in any event it’s ones own experience that matters. It’s like sitting there with several bottles of wine and asking ‘which will I like best?’

Yes but a good sommelier will no doubt tell you … :grinning:

You’re a bit is a sommelier yourself usually…

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