NDX2 \ ND555 - Misguided Loyalty

Keep the nDAC and buy a Lindemann Limetree Bridge to supply the streaming component. It is a wonderful little box with a rock-solid Android app that has never let me down once.

Same as the others - I’d be surprised if you were getting the maximum performance out of the Naim DAC by using Sonos as the digital transport. IME the Naim DAC is still a formidable source when using an external power supply and a good digital transport.

What about trying an ND5XS2 as a digital transport into the Naim DAC?


I would replace the Sonos by a Sonore Optical rendu as suggested Thomas.
Or buy Innuos.
Or buy Nds/555 dr, better than Ndx2 still and less expensive.
In any case the Sonos is the weak link.

I think this might be a good option… lots of flexibility, Roon Ready, and so on…


The Sonos source has been reliable…plus i like the interface, have always assumed that because i had nDAC…it would clear up any imperfections…guess that could be wrong?

This thread would seem relevant for you:
A long thread about posh music streamers

Best regards, BF

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Digital transport sounds like a possible route…

Nice…lots of info there…someones done some hard work, cheers

Don’t forget to consider whether the user interface of any ‘new’ front end suits the way you want to select and play music.

I ran a Sonos Connect for years. It’s still connected (by optical) to the back of the ND5XS2 that replaced it. I don’t think anyone’s used the Sonos in the last year though - I should just turn it off really.

For me, Roon was far better; the Naim app is rarely used.

Yeah…seems the naim app doesn’t get great press…what are its weaknesses?

Weirdly, I have had someone else logging onto my naim forum account! Any one else had that? Have just changes the password. Assumed the forum was secure!

Hi Richard…have just received a notification that someone from a different location has been logging on to my forum account…have chnaged the p-word…is this common? Cheers

Check your other connected devices (phone, pad, etc.).

One could be connected to your home network while another from different internet access point.

If those Internet access points were geographically distant enough then that could have caused the alert.

It looks OK from here. Just the one log in location for you. The forum itself should be very secure.

However, if you use an email & password combination that you’ve used before on a site where security was breached then it can cause certain browsers to flag up that you may be at risk. This is a new thing, the aim to help users try to be more secure online.

Furthermore I would recommend that you use two factor authentication.

The Innuos range gives better SQ as you move up the range to the Zenith. The Audiophilleo + PurePower is an excellent USB to SPDIF. I now have 552/500 and would only part with nDAC for nDAC2.


I purchased the nDAC on its introduction and used it naked with the UnitiServe SSD (which I still have) and dipped my toe into streaming with the Sonos Connect, both using DC1 digital cables.
Then bought a 555ps (non dr, which some prefer with the nDAC) that was a massive step up and gave a lot of pleasure.
Once had occasion to use the digital out on a Marantz CD player through it while my Serve went back to HQ, with very acceptable results.
Don’t give up on your nDAC to easily would be my recommendation it’s excellent value and has a lot to offer.

Hmm. That was maybe a bit misleading. I actually had Roon up and running on trial before I got the ND5XS2, and I just liked the way it worked. So much so that when the ND5XS2 arrived I never even bothered connecting it to the upnp server on my NAS and have, effectively, only ever used it as a Roon endpoint. There are both cheaper and more expensive ways of skinning the same cat. Pick your compromise…

Another vote for trying the ND5XS2. I sure love mine and it serves as a capable backup in case something happens to my nDAC.

When the nDAC was released, many people thought that, but experience proved it was pretty sensitive to the digital source. With your setup and assuming you don’t want to go down the NDX2 route, I’d be tempted to change the XPS for a 555 and look for a good streaming bridge. Many to choose from and VFM is so personal, I’d audition if at all possible.



I think that assumption might need to be tested. Any SQ differences might not be significant enough to outweigh improved functionality and convenience. Pretty sure I won’t be going further than ND5XS2 - but that might be because I don’t own enough black boxes to tell the difference… :wink:

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