NDX2 \ ND555 - Misguided Loyalty

All, I am running nDAC/XPS 2 into 252\300 (all DR). Where to go on the Front End?
No point moving to the NDX 2…would be a backwards step for the DAC…the ND 555 is very expensive.
I am left with the 555 ps upgrade on the nDAC?
Jump ship on the front end?
Any recommendations for non Naim DACs and or Streamers that sit well with 252/300?

What’re you running into the nDac?

His profile says ‘Sonos’

Streamer : Sonore Optical Rendu or Sonore Signature Rendu SE
DAC : Chord Hugo2, TT2 or Dave

I think the ‘answer’ will depend on whether you wish to stick with the Sonos ecosystem, and what you think is ‘wrong’ with the current configuration…

What’s the source of music into the Sonos?

Tidal Hi Res…but the Sonos is CD Red Book!

Do they offer power supplies with those?

Nothing wrong with current config…but the nDAC is 10 years old so am thinking I may not be getting the full value out of all the other equipment.

  • You don’t need a power supply for Chord DAC.
  • You need one for the Optical Rendu. The Signature Rendu includes one.

All the needed info can be found on their respective websites.

The Naim DAC is still a formidable bit of kit, especially with an XPS2, or better still, a 555PS. Like any DAC, it does need the best front end possible though, so perhaps look there…


I completely agree with Richard.

You could keep your nDAC/XPS and add to it a Sonore streamer and an USB to S/PDIF converter like the AudioPhilleo.

You’d then have a wonderful streamer!

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Keep the nDAC and buy a Lindemann Limetree Bridge to supply the streaming component. It is a wonderful little box with a rock-solid Android app that has never let me down once.

Same as the others - I’d be surprised if you were getting the maximum performance out of the Naim DAC by using Sonos as the digital transport. IME the Naim DAC is still a formidable source when using an external power supply and a good digital transport.

What about trying an ND5XS2 as a digital transport into the Naim DAC?


I would replace the Sonos by a Sonore Optical rendu as suggested Thomas.
Or buy Innuos.
Or buy Nds/555 dr, better than Ndx2 still and less expensive.
In any case the Sonos is the weak link.

I think this might be a good option… lots of flexibility, Roon Ready, and so on…


The Sonos source has been reliable…plus i like the interface, have always assumed that because i had nDAC…it would clear up any imperfections…guess that could be wrong?

This thread would seem relevant for you:
A long thread about posh music streamers

Best regards, BF

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Digital transport sounds like a possible route…

Nice…lots of info there…someones done some hard work, cheers

Don’t forget to consider whether the user interface of any ‘new’ front end suits the way you want to select and play music.

I ran a Sonos Connect for years. It’s still connected (by optical) to the back of the ND5XS2 that replaced it. I don’t think anyone’s used the Sonos in the last year though - I should just turn it off really.

For me, Roon was far better; the Naim app is rarely used.