NDX2 No audio from analog output

To @NeilS and @Richard.Dane
Hi. Since friday I’m experiencing a complete audio loss from the analog output ( both Din & RCA) of my NDX2. I didn’t tested the digital output . The streamer works absolutely normal. From the Naim app I can switch between inputs, select the sources and control volume and inputs on the Nac252…
but there’s no way to have an audio signal from the output. I’ve tried unsuccessfully all the usual restarts.This morning I called the Italian official service centre and I was told that this is the first time they hear about this problem. So I’m sending the unit for repairs.I will keep you informed. BTW any idea of what happened?

Peppo, @NeilS would probably have a better idea than me, but it does sound suspiciously like it’s a sticking relay.

Thank you Richard.

There is another thread about this issue.
A hard factory reset fixed this (two of us had this issue).
Best regards.

Thanks :pray:

Hi Peppo,

As stapler says, a full factory reset might help. As for what could cause this as a hardware fault, too many possibilities to make an informed guess I’m afraid. :frowning_face:


Thank you Neil. The unit is on the way to the service centre for an hardware check.

It happened to me but on nd5xs2. Factory reset (by pressing the hidden at the back recessed button) did nothing. I packed the unit and it went to service.


Very strange, experienced the same today on my NDX2. No output, did a few power circles, unplugged it and tried on rca to no avail.

After going through the factory reset its back!

Luckily I came across this topic and tried the suggested first… good to have the forum!

I think Naim should start investigating on this kind of issues. I sent my unit to a repair centre. A factory reset could fix the problem momentarily but IMO a good technical check is needed to identify the faulty components.

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and why factory reset was not working in my case? Is nd5xs2 diff in this respect?

My ND555 lost both DIN and RCA output. It arrived today in NY to be sent to Montreal for repair. It is about 1 year old. I have a friend who has lost DIN out on his ND555 and has to send it back too.

I love the ND555 but this is unacceptable.

I’ve heard NAIM chose SQ over reliability with their relays.

It may be an easy fix for NAIM but it’s a big deal for their customers having to tear down their systems, pack up heavy devices that require the insertion of Transit Screws and go w/o the use of systems that can cost an insane amount of money.

Only dedicated NAIM customers would put up with it.

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