NDX2 not recognizing genres on an attached SSD

So here’s a minor issue that I have that is starting to bug me.

I have an external SSD attached to my NDX2 that I use for my Bandcamp and Qobuz purchases. All files are FLAC. On the drive they are all tagged using dBpoweramp into various genres. A lot of these genres are my own tag eg Prog Metal, Doom Metal, Alt Country/Americana. The NDX2 is set to Server Mode.

What is really weird is that when looking at the Server input on the Naim app most of these show up as genres but some seem to ‘default’ to a regular dBpoweramp genres. For example Prog Metal shows as Prog Metal but all my Doom Metal tagged albums just show in a grouping under Heavy Metal

If I look SSD using the USB input the forlders show how I created them but the Server input option is much easier to navigate (and has album covers etc).

Does anyone have any idea why this happens and how to avoid it? I am very happy streaming from the SSD and am not interested in going down the route of a NAS drive (even if that would solve the issue).

I noticed the same thing in one instance. I have a genre called Americana, but my Nova calls it both Country and Americana. However when I sort by genre (my SOP) it lists Country.