NDX2 + older Naim streaming products question

I will shortly be the owner of a NDX2 that will replace my current NAC272 for streamig duties…

2 questions…

With the 272, using the multi room function I can have the same music source (if it’s Tidal or music from my NAS) playing on all the other Naim streaming devices I have in the house (Superuniti , Muso Qb, Unitilite)…

Once I get the NDX2, I know I will be able to continue to do this linking to Naim devices - however the question is; If I am streaming Qubuz (rather than Tidal) on the NDX2, will I be able to link all the other Naim devces to the NDX2 and have the same stream playing on these devices as well? (Asking since none of the other devices support native Qobuz)

Also regarding the standby option - I know that the NDX2 has small switch mode power supply for use when in standby. This is then taken out of circut when switched on and the internal linear power supply takes over… but what happens when the NDX2 is supplied by an external power supply (in my case a 555PS DR) - does the standby facility still work? If so, since the external power supply is still switched on, is it the case that the power draw is reduced? Or is the standby function just disables when using an external power supply?

You will get Qubuz on multiroom on the other devices because it’s just a digital stream by then.

And yes if you use a separate power supply on the NDX2 it replaces the NDX2’s whole power section and you won’t have the “going to standby on a SMPS” anymore.



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