NDX2 or not NDX2 it´s the question

Suddenly I had the chance of once again trying at home a NDX2, comparing it to my happily returned from Salisbury and better than ever CDX2 and a Unitiqute2 acting as a streamer. In the meantime I changed the power cables of the HicapDR and 300DR, from standard out of the box to VDH with wonderful results in clarity, musicality and punch. The rest, NDX2, CDX2 and Unitiqute2 continue with standard power cables.
And I confirmed the impression of a previous test. I still prefer the old CDX2 over the NDX2 playing the same music, all my CDs ripped on a Synology NAS.
The gap between sources, the NDX2 and the Unitiqute2 playing Tidal and iRadio, over the same pre/power/loudspeaker system is not so great, nothing like comparing a Unitiqute2 with a NDX2/282/300DR with the same Dynaudios, I can live happily with if I continue to listen mostly from my CD collection.
So, If I keep the CDX2 and buy the NDX2, or a change my listening habits, or I will use it for the minor part of my listening time.
Or else, I sell my CDX2 and concentrate everything in the NDX2, maybe with a XPS/DR one of these days.
Or replace the NAS for a non Ethernet solution …
What do you think ? What do you have with the NDX2 for playing your existent CDs with the best results ?
Thks in advance.

I sold my CDX2 for an NDX2
I now mainly use Tidal but sometimes listen to my ripped CDs
Ripped CDs are just a little better than Tidal but not much in it
Are either better or worse than the CDX2 ??
Well going by my not very good memory, I would say nothing much in it
Certainly streaming is easier and gives you more choice.
I have a XPS2 on the CDX2 and NDX2

I would buy an EE8 Chord switch or Uptone Etheregen switch and some quality Ethernet cables, like Blue Jeans or more boutique ones.
Around 500 euros investment, but will clearly put the Ndx2 above the Cdx2.

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I sort of had the same dilemma very recently when my CDI packed up…so I needed to decide whether to go steaming or persist with the huge number of CDs I have.
In the end I bought a second hand CDX2 and very happy with the choice. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be adding an xps to it in the future.
I have an added issue as well and that is that I don’t have the room for another box. I think I could get the XPS to sit on top of the CDX. Oh yes one more thing…not sure I want to spend 5k on another music format and then the subscription to a steaming service.
But that’s just me…

But I never realised you could add a streamer (Unitiqute 2) to the CDX2…or am I totally mistaken?

The answer seems mind-numbingly obvious. As you prefer your CDX2 to an NDX2, why would you even consider changing? Just forget about it and enjoy listening to your CDs.


You can connect the Preamp outputs of the Unitiqute2 to the AV entry of the 282, with a RCA/DIN cable, disable the volume control in the 282, and have a “low cost” streamer in your system.

The best thing I did with my CDX2 was put it on a full Fraim shelf, the second best was a 555ps, and that came in handy later.

I´m still very skeptical of Ethernet switches and all that, being digital digital and with a streamer designed to cope with the variety of routers/isps/switches and services of the internet world.
But maybe I try that one of these days.

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You will see there is no return back. Just a good switch and you will gain 20%.


Difficult to find and test in Lisbon special ethernet switches, bur one of these days I will try this, innuos-phoenix

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This one seems probably to be the best actually. But pricey. And English electric chord can be bought online and return within 14 days. It would already uplift clearly your Ndx2.
But if you can spend nearly 2,6 k euros, then the Innuos should be the one to go.

So why not follow the advice of @hungryhalibut and stick with your CDX2, or even better, invest in a power supply for it?


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Quite. Why get drawn into a world of pain with switches to improve the sound of something one doesn’t even want? An XPS DR for a CDX2 will give a greater improvement than a thousand switches on an NDX2. The benefits of switches are very much at the margins and anyone suggesting the proverbial night and day difference is living in dreamland.


Marginal for those with hearing loss…
Vs directly in a router, it makes a worthwhile improvement. A Cisco 2960 switch refurbished, maybe 50 euros, would be good too. I remember how my Nds went more lively, involving and with better bass and body of instruments when I had it.
Using the Etheregen now.
The second aspect is how many new albums you can discover with a streamer, without leaving your sofa.

Answering your question with your words

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When I bought the Nds, I was a bit disappointed. Preferred the urgency and involvement of my past Cdx2/ XPS 2.
The Nds was more open and detailed, but lacked prat and grip.
Until I bought the Cisco 2960 switch. Then I forgot completely the Cdx2.

frencgrooster, which 2960 ? there are plety of them :thinking:

I would not buy it, that’s for sure, only confirm the boost in quality that a top switch brings. I doubt it, but…

I alrady have Tidal in my “low cost” Qute2

Have you done the firmware update to 4.7.00 on the qute 2?
My finding with the qute 2 is to turn all the inputs off , leaving tidal on and run with the display and logo light off.