NDX2 or XPS on my 272

So i absolutely adore my N272.
I use it for playing cd from a CD5XS, as transport and Spotify, which i really love over any other music provider.

Since the NDX2 and 272 share the same DAC, should i buy an NDX2 and use the pre on my 272.
Or just put an XPS on the 272?

The way naim have created this amazing product (N272) and just left it dangling is a real shame.
Could naim not create a higher version of the 272?
A lot of customers environments don’t have the space for a multitude of boxes which is one of the reasons the N272 is so appealing and has been such a success.


Well this really needs a demo but first response would be that a XPS or dare I say 555 would optimise your whole system. The NDX2 is a superb product but dare I say in itself really excels when it has a XPS or 555 attached. Further, if you went for the NDX2 all the streaming functionality in th 272 would be redundant.



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Many would argue that adding an XPS or even a 555PS does indeed ‘create a higher version‘ at least as far as SQ goes.


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