NDX2 picture doesn't update anymore

My NDX2 picture doesn’t change and stay with the same image all the time event if i change the source
It is a TIDAL picture

Sounds as if the screen has frozen a power down should restore the screen to normal.

See if this does the trick had it numerous times on my ND555.

Make sure you use the App feedback function to complain to Naim, they have had long enough to fix this going back to the Uniti series. As Pcd advised, power down and back on.

Indeed a shame that this is still not solved … Naim is aware of this for a long time already.

Thanks for your Answer and the workaround.
Unplug and Replug did restore the functionality correctly.
I am a new owner since Christmas of a Naim device.
Where is App feedback function ?

If you hit the cog symbol at top right in the app, there is a feedback setting at the very bottom of the page, it links to the homepage of Naim

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