NDX2 remote

After a home demo of a well (I hope so) cared NDX2, still feeling that my old CDX2 is better in SQ terms but TIDAL and iRadio are great, I finally decide to seach for my credit card and buy it.
The price was good but no box, no cable, no remote, dialog in german, etc…
After a factory reset, I think the unit speaks english now, and that´s ok.
But, what about the remote ?
Is there any situation where the App and the front 4 buttons are insuficient ?
Btw what is the estimated cost of the remote and Naim standard DIN cable ?
Thks in advance.

There are some things that can only be done by remote but nothing vital, I think. Like switching display color between white and an ugly non-naimy shade of green. I do prefer volume on the remote much over changing volume with system automation in the app. But as you can use the 282 remote, it may not matter.

There are several other threads about remotes and I seem to remember 300 euros or so from Naim but may be off. The ND555 remote (same but metal) is 700 or so.

For interconnect see tomtomaudio dot com and go to Naim cables, should be £115.00

Thks, btw the language selection of NDX2 is only on the remote also ?

Right, I think so. It’s a bit odd :slight_smile:

Take a look at a certain large auction site with the option to see all offers in Europe. There is an NDX2 remote being offered in apparently very condition for less than EUR 100.

I have no connection to the seller and, as ever, caveat emptor.

Apologies in advance if this cautious reference to a potential sale breaches forum rules.

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