Ndx2 remote

Anyone know how to pair the ndx 2 remote with a 252…
I want to use it for the volume but I dont want the volume control activated on my iPad (system automation)

The 252 uses infrared, the NDX2 remote uses radio (Zigbee). System automation is the only way. (To put it another way, if the NDX2 remote worked with the 252 directly, there would be little need for system automation :slight_smile: )

In the app and with system automation, you can disable the volume buttons in the bottom bar, but I don’t think there is a way of removing them from the Play Queue screen


What’s the problem with using system automation? It works like a dream.

Don’t like the fact that people can turn it up on the iPad

Who are these people? Surely family members can be trusted. Once enabled you can use the NDX2 remote. Put the iPad in the safe if it’s an issue.

Presumably if they can turn it up on the iPad, they can equally turn it up on the remote, or directly on the volume control.

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I had a similar discussion with @andypandya1 a while ago, I believe the context may be this:

This depends:

In the BBQ situation, the pre may well be inaccessible and the remotes stowed away (or in Andy’s pocket), but one might want to pass the iPad around. I get that.

However, as I suggested to Andy before, I would simply pull the system automation cable for these occasions, or turn off system automation in the app - to me it seems unlikely that someone would go and enable it. Anyway, pulling the cable takes care of it

Looks like system automation is the only way to go….
The worst offenders are my children. Ive got three from 2-6 years and the eldest two can work the iPad and play music… (like to get them into music early lol)

Use the NDX2 as a Roon endpoint with the Roon controller on the iPad, and get rid of the Naim app on the iPad (or hide it). Then they can chose music from Roon, but can’t control volume. This is exactly how I use my NDX2. I control volume with the ZigBee remote (via System Automation) or the 252 remote.

The Roon app lets me control volume on my Mu-so Qb2 and Atom but not the NDX2.


:thinking: can ‘maximum volume’ be set in the app??

Not with system automation because all it does is allow the NDX2 to send “up”/“down” signals to the pre. It does not know what the current volume is. That’s why there is no volume slider either

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