NDX2 + Roon

I have a NDX2 with pre amp + amp. I wonder if I can connect to Roon with the NDX2. If yes - how do I do? Roon doesnt find the NDX2 when I open the Roon app


Roon will work fine with an NDX2. Firstly, have you got a Roon Core running somewhere?

A useful starting guide here

Have you also enabled the NDX2 as a source in Roon settings?

Sorry for newbie question. Well I have downloaded Roon on my iphone 12. Do I need any HW to connect Roon and NdX2?

You need a Roon Core, this is the server part of Roon. Roon does not work without one. The app on the iPhone is just a remote control for the Roon Core, and the NDX2 is just a player that plays what the Roon Core sends.

The Roon Core can run as an application on a normal PC or laptop, or on a dedicated server computer, or on an appliance like the Roon Nucleus. See the “How Roon works” link that @james_n helpfully posted a few posts up.

There is a lot of help available on the Roon forums, from both other users snd Roon Support. You might need to read up a bit, but you’ll soon get to understand it, I’m sure. Have you actually commenced a free trial of Roon or alternatively already paid a subscription?

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