NDX2 Screen

I have screen set to on whilst playing but is it possible for the screen to turn off once an album has finished without putting the unit into standby?
I would like to keep the unit on permanently but not the screen.

Go to Naim app - settings - display - check turn off display
When new album or station comes on, the screen lights up with cover art for few seconds , then screen shuts off but unit keeps playing music, won’t go into standby mode

No, not if you want to have it on during playing. This may help understand what it does and does not do:

I don’t think you can, but possibly because there is no reason to,
When in standby Naim have advised us the sensitive electronics for SQ performance remain powered so the streamer is in optimum mode when fully reactivated.

Thanks Simon, I will happily put in to standby then.

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