NDX2 screen

My new NDX2 was delivered yesterday. It’s a fantastic unit and a significant upgrade from the NDX. However, I was surprised at the quality of the screen: it’s not very bright and it appears that it has been fitted too firmly - there seems to be quite a bit of ‘blooming’…is this normal?!

Did you take off the screen protector?

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Yes I did.

No ideas after the clear film removal? I would call the dealer if you do not think it is right. I am fortunate that mine is just a few miles down the road and hope you resolve the issue without to much hassle.

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Thanks, yeah the dealer said they’ll get Naim to replace it. Not what you expect from a £5k product though , one wonders how this managed to get past QC . I’ve waited months for it too, bit frustrating. On the plus side it sounds great , a big improvement on the NDX


After waiting months I would be miffed too like all things this should have been picked up at QC speak to your dealer ask for a replacement but hang onto the faulty unit until the new one arrives.

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Yes, that’s what I’ll be doing. The dealer has been really good about it . And this wasn’t meant to be a Naim bashing post , the ndx2 has surpassed my expectations in terms of SQ, it’s a truly brilliant streamer. I would actually prefer it if there wasn’t a screen but it’s not cheap and should be perfect.


My ride with the NDX 2 was also a little turbulent, my unit broke in less than an year, out of the box the front metal plate was not pristine even I accepted the small defect.

Contacted Naim in march and no reply at least until today. Only a confirmation that the email was received.

The unit was sent to the dealer and is now going for a repair that could take months.

I love the NDX 2, but I Am kind of disappointed with quality control, silence of Naim support, and an out of the box not prestige unit on a sealed box.

But sometimes quality control fails for sure, I do not think things like this are so common.

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