NDX2 Set Up


Will an NDX2 (bare for now) do justice to a 252/SC/300 combo?

Yes, it can be bettered but the question is will the NDX be out of place in this set up?



As much as I like my NDX2, I think you’d be looking at the ND555 to really do that amp combo justice.

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I think this is probably an unanswerable question, but my own opinion is that a NDX2 will do just fine in this company, though one day you will be very happy at the improvement when you add a 555PS DR to it.




Whilst I have never heard a NDX2 on its own I did use a NDX2 with a 555ps in my 252-S/C-300 system whilst my ND555 was away for repair.

I can assure you that the NDX2 if you combine with a 555ps will not be out of place in your system I was pleasantly bsuprised at how good it was.


I don’t think it would be out of place as an interim step, but you would ideally want the PS to get the best out of it. FWIW I had a NDX2 and XPS DR with my 252/SC/250 and just swapped to a 555 PS as a great used option presented itself.


I would think of a bare NDX2 as a weak source for an amp of that calibre. Its natural partner within the Naim range is the XPSDR and I’ve heard it sounding very good indeed with a 252/300. Of course, the forum likes nothing more than to spend your money for you, so it wants you to buy a 500 level power supply that costs quite a bit more than the NDX2 itself. All I can say is that you should listen very carefully for yourself before blowing that much cash.


Yes, I said similar on the 555 thread, that I’d only consider it second hand as I think the XPS DR is the better value at a system level at the respective new prices.


The simple answer is no. But a PSU will make it better. Xpsdr or 555, depending on your pocket.
Source first would suggest a PSU is the next upgrade. If upgrading is not for you, then neither is naim!
You have a decent nac/psu, so no issues there. Others may insist on you having an nd555, but that is a £20k option. For less than half that the ndx2/xpsdr gives 90%+ that.


So NDX2 with XPSDR is the play.


I think so, unless a cheap 555 presents itself.

I have an NDX2/XPSDR with a 252/300. To say that it needs a ND555 is BS, IMO. A bare NDX2 should be a fine start, and adding a XPSDR will make it a sublime combo. That’s what I have with no plans to go anywhere beyond it. What I have is fantastic!

I started with a bare NDX2 on a 282/250. I added the XPSDR before I upgraded to a 252/300, and yet, I think a bare NDX2 on a 252/300 will be lovely to start with. A PSU is recocommended to follow.


Ndx2 into 252/300 will sound very good already. And later you will enjoy the great upgrade with a ps.
But if it’s a number box problem, and you don’t have the desire, even much later, to add a ps to the Ndx2, better not buy an Ndx2 as a definitive source.
As a one box solution, there’s only Linn. Or DCS .

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The NDX2 won’t sound bad, or poor, with a 252/300. It simply won’t be a great match in the long term. I use a 555DR with my NDX2 and it really is a very substantial upgrade. I’d suggest you forget about the fact that the PS costs £7,000 and the NDX2 itself costs ‘only’ £5,300. View it as a £12,000 player and ask yourself whether you feel it’s worth that much, and whether you prefer any of the alternatives out there. Consider also that you can link the NDX2 and the 252 with system automation and control the amplifier with the NDX2 remote or the very good Naim app. It makes operation nicer and is something you cannot do with a streamer from another manufacturer.


Looking at the Naim website ‘suggested system’ NDX2 with XPSDR fits with the 252/300 combo.

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I 100% agree, you have essentially got what I would consider to be my goal in a system at the moment, although my PMC may benefit from an upgrade if and when I get to your level (+SCDR+252+300)

I consider maxing the Naim range out just one step short the 500 series on all levels to be great goal and is surely, if mine is anything to go by so far, a fantastic set up just before the real diminishing returns begin to kick in. I don’t deny 500 series WILL be a great step up, but for considerably more £££.


Yeah, I’m at end game with my system. There are no 500-series components in my future, nor even a desire for it. :slight_smile:


At the moment, I have a 252/SCDR/250DR fed by a bare NDX2 in a family room and a 282/HCDR/300 system fed by an NDX/555/nDAC in another room where I can play loud music at all hours. Everything is on full-fat Fraim. Both systems are great and for my current listening habits, those are the combinations that suit me best.

I have tried the NDX2 and 555 feeding the 252/SCDR/300 and they are certainly a better combination than the other two by a margin.

The 300 will soon be serviced and upgraded to DR. When that is done, I will re-assess the combinations and keep an eye out for an XPSDR.

Until then, the bare NDX2 is still an excellent source for the 252/HCDR/250DR in the family room to my ears.


Well it might be if Naim could provide the XPS.
I have been waiting over three months.

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