NDX2 sound quality comparison

I’m currently using the Hugo/Microrendu combination and to my ears this sounds great.

I’ve been enjoying the hype around the NDX2 launch and would love the easier functionality of the NDX2 avoiding the Hugo’s fiddly buttons and the additional power supplies.

I have heard some here still use the Hugo with the NDX2 so I am wondering if buying the NDX2 would actually give a large improvement in sound quality or would I really just be paying for the improved functionality / matching box but moving sideways in terms of the sound?

Rest of system 282/SC/250DR & SBLs and use Roon.

i would buy instead the dcs network bridge to connect to your hugo. It’s the best streaming bridge on the market ( around 3/4 k).

The NDX2 is a first class streamer transport taking advantage of Naim’s experience and learning from the legacy streamers into providing a very much enhanced digital out design that is common in the ND555, NDX2 and ND5XS2. The inbuilt bundled DACs and supporting circuitry are very good in the new streamers, but are not hugely enhanced since the first generation streamers. It’s the transport design and implementation as well as decoupling that really takes things forward… and allows the bundled or external DACs to shine.
The NDX2 feeding the Hugo really gives the Hugo a boost I did not think possible. Although I have not tried it I hear the ND555 because of it increased physical decoupling and lower impedance PSU (with 555PS at least) is even better… but it is a case of very much diminishing returns, and you need a system that can exploit it.
The difference between the NDX and NDX2 digital outs is significant…
The NDX2 configured as digital out driving a Hugo feeding a 552DR is an immensely satisfying config…, no regrets at all…

In streaming the transport really is one of thee most critical components, and really differentiates between good and outstanding. Don’t skimp on the transport…with so called bridges etc. get the best you can afford. Naim make some of the world’s best transports. Their attention to detail is superb… albeit for a price.


Happy w/e one and all

NDX2 to SN2 with Slumina X now installed and running bare. Will play for a month or so to settle in then add the H2 to compare. A couple of questions if I may :-

On the Din, all good going into SN2 AV Din or should I use a specific Din input…ie Hdd etc.

On the burndy link plug should this be used ndx2 straight to SN2? Its currently fitted?

Now time for a wee dram as its getting late here in Brisbane. I’ll raise a glass to all my fellow Naimers still bustling on Northern Hemisphere time.

All the very best

Rob D


The Burndy link plug must be fitted if you aren’t using an ext PSU (with Burndy cable). The NDX2 won’t even boot up otherwise.

I don’t think it makes a difference which input you use on your SN. On my 282 I use the Aux1 input.

It’s great to hear Simon share about streamer. Does the streamer benefit from PSU upgrade? Is it worth to put 555PS to it as streamer only?

In a word yes.

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