NDX2 stopped streaming Qobuz

Hi to all,
My NDX2 suddenly seems to have stopped responding to Qobuz! Everything was working well until I turned it on yesterday evening and then absolutely no response from Qobuz. Albums / tracks etc are showing on the Naim app on my iPad, but when I try to play them I get no response.
So far I have done the following:

  1. Powered down the NDX2 for 30 mins - no effect
  2. Reloaded the app on the iPad - no effect
  3. Factory reset the NDX2 - no effect
  4. Checked my Qobuz account via my PC - everything OK here

The internet radio still works on the NDX2 and can be controlled via the Naim app so this suggests the internet connection (wired) is OK. Also, when I connect a hard drive containing FLAC files to the NDX2 this again works and can be controlled by the Naim app.
To me it is starting to look like an NDX2 “streaming circuit” problem…but I am no expert! Any suggestions on what I might try next, or thoughts on what the problem is would be most welcome.
Many Thanks

It’s a problem at the Qobuz end that Naim are looking into. There is already a thread about it. Everyone has the same problem.

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Brilliant, many thanks HH. I looked on the forum before I posted but didnt see anything, I must search more carefully next time!!

Main thread here

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Many thanks Robert. I have also just read the main thread on this issue - very conerning that we have to find work-a -rounds to keep our expensive Naim equipment operational!

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It’s a certificate issue; it’s unfortunate that qobuz IT missed the renewal notice, but these things happen all the time. Certificates are often set with a 12 month expiry.

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