NDX2 & Supernait3 Promo and White LEDs

I see there’s a promo (see above) of dealers encouraged to offer these at a discounted price together (green led) and that they will be offered with the new white LEDs from August.
Wonder what sort of discount will be offered…

SN3 with white lights…. Sounds nice


Price is going to be about £8k for the two units apparently.

At least that is the figure I was quoted by my Naim dealer today

£7,999 at my local dealer too. Seems like a good buy!

My store said that it is a good deal but to get the best out of them power supplies need to be added to both units. How true this is I don’t know.

I gather it’s only the SN3 that gets the white lights though, as someone said on another thread it certainly suggests the SN3 wont be replaced in the near future which surprises me, perhaps theres lots of casework and boards to shift first

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Of course they did! :rofl:


To be consistent with the existing new classic boxes, any new classic Supernait would need the discrete (resistor ladder) volume control. Looking at internal photos of the NSC 222 and the NAC 332 shows that they take a lot of board space. Remember that the Supernait is a fairly crammed box already. Taking into consideration that the pre-amp components need to be as far as possible from the high current sections of the amp, I don’t think a new classic Supernait will be possible.
Anyone wanting a two box solution already has the NSC222 + NAP250 option; it seems to me that if the pre-amp is going to have to share a box, it makes more sense to put it with the streamer rather than the power amp, particularly considering available space and keeping the pre-amp away from high currents.

All they are doing is changing the light colour to white nothing else.
Green will be available to order. :+1:t2:

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i do like they are keeping supernait 3 and ndx2 as they are for a while, styling wise its “Classic” and these days looks like a mini 500 series

Both epic units, if they were replaced be a lot more money