NDX2 update to 3.3.1 - that was exciting

Thanks Roland!


Update went smoothly, but I have a Siri question: How does one use it on the Naim app? I’ve tried but it defies me. Is there a particular voice command?

I know this is going to have an easy answer, and I’ll feel even more techno-challenged than usual.

It’s only relevant if you’re using AirPlay

Thanks! And I was right - I do feel even more challenged than usual.


Update completed with no problems on my NDX2. Took about 5 minutes and has been playing OK for the past few hours.



Not usually an “ early adopter” when it comes to software updates but smooth and no issues at all… Looks like a worthwhile update,
Please now go full ahead Re Qobuz integration !


Although my ND5 XS 2 is running it’s usual reliable self since the new firmware update, there is one small thing I’ve noticed which it didn’t do prior to this update.

When i open the Naim app from standby and command my player to wake up (along with Tidal) it does so without showing my favourite Tidal albums menu, I have to close the app and then reopen it again for them to appear. This is something that did not happen prior to update 3.3.1.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I’ve tried logging out and then logging back in again but to no avail.

Other than that, no other niggles here.

My NDX2 is now in 3.3.1
It seam as if my Plex can’t find the NDX2 any more.
Is there any other change I need to do ?

In the naim application on my IPhone, before the new firmware, plex was seen under the server icon, now the plex is under the Chromcast built-in Icon list only.

Is that a wanted change ?

I restart my Iphone, and now every thing is ok
the plex is not on the icon server menu anymore but on the chromcast menu

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