NDX2 - Variable Volume mode not working?

I was wondering how to control the volume of my music with the NDX2 remote (after all, it’s got the buttons so I assume they can be used in some way or other). When I go into the app; ‘Settings’, then ‘Volume mode’ ticking ‘Hybrid’ or ‘Fixed’ allows the music to play but no volume control via remote is possible, but ticking ‘Variable’ just stops the sound completely. Am I misunderstanding something significant, and is it possible to control the volume via the remote at all ?

Many thanks

That’s odd, as variable volume mode should allow you to control it using either the app or the remote. Does it work on the app?

What amp do you have? Have you set up the control cable from NDX2 to amp?

No it doesn’t work on the app either. Not sure if I’ve got it all connected up incorrectly (NAC282) or not ?

You need a mini jack to rca out of the NDX2 into the 282.

Once you have the two boxes wired as lamby explains above, you should enable system automation in the app. You’ll then be able to control the volume and inputs via remote or app.

Note that enabling system automation disables the NDX variable output. Ensure that you set the system automation preamp input to the input that the NDX2 is connected to.


Most grateful to you for this advice - I’ll get onto it asap (after Christmas obviously!!)

Hugely helpful, many thanks, it’s reassuring how ready people are to help on this forum. Many thanks

Ha ha no problem- that’s the point of this forum. Although you do have to take some comments with a huge pinch of salt and try things for yourself. But for tech issues it’s great.

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