NDX2 vs ND5 XS2

Just tried a XS2 and man am i blown away. Having said that I think I have caught the bug…I know the NDX 2 is an upgrade, but my question is how much better is the quality compared to the XS2. There is always a law of diminishing returns and I am trying to determine, if its worth the upgrade. Either way I intend to run this source with the Supernait 2.


Welcome! I have the NDX2 with a SN2 and it’s a wonderful set up and there is no doubt the NDX2 is a great performer. I went straight to this option for SQ and user interface. My dealer is certainly of the view that the NDX2 is quite a step up, important if you follow a source first approach. No doubt the XS2 is very capable to, so it also comes down to how much you want to spend and whether you need the screen and remote. Good luck.

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It’s really a case of trying it out. The NDX2 is significantly better but it’s also more than double the price. The X2 is the natural partner to the SN2 and remember that it can be upgraded with a power supply, which is not the case with the ND5XS2.

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You really need to try it, it is much better imo, but for your peace of mind it would be more cost effective to decide on an NDX2 now, even if you have to wait and save.


Thanks for all yer inputs. I think it’s time for a home audition.
One additional q - would u guys know if I bought this unit in USA and then moved to UK or Aus would I be able to run this or would I need to get NAim to switch out the power supply ?

Certainly you would need it changed over to 240v by Naim for the UK.

I bought the ND5XS2 but always wanted the NDX2 …managed to sell all my unused stuff and now I am a proud owner of the NDX2 with my ND5XS2 placed in part ex. Both are outstanding machines, but I thought the NDX2 defo had the edge, and the display does it for me.

Regardless of how much the NDX2 is or isn’t better than the ND5XS2, only the former can accept an external PSU. I bought the NDX2 for that reason and just added an XPS-DR over the weekend, and I must say it is a transformative change. The improvement is drastic. Even my wife – who always likes to say she doesn’t hear the difference – noticed how it’s so much better within a few bars of the first song we played with it.


Out of curiosity - what is the science behind a separate power unit making a device transformative ?
I have an intuitive sense - around heat management and what that does to a signal etc etc but would love to understand a bit more.

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For one, it removes all the noisy AC power circuitry out of the box with the analog and digital audio circuitry, and moves it to another box that outputs separate DC power for those analog and digital circuits. Among other things, that lowers the noise floor for the NDX2 (and other Naim boxes that use external PSUs). Others can correct me if I misspoke, or clarify further, but Naim has this figured out really well.


Thats my next stage then …Thanks for that

I’m thinking of this to. Did you consider the 555PS as well, I’m thinking the XPS is a more balanced approach with my SN2. What amp are you using?

It’s primarily about moving the transformer electro magnetic field away from other circuitry (though a Naim go to huge effort in the classic series to reduce this effect anyway)… as well as being able to use a larger transformer to provide a lower impedance power supply.


You are a funny man. :rofl:

Seriously, though. No, that is so far out of my budget. I bought the XPS DR used. Even if I had the funds for a 555PS I still would have gotten the XPS and a SuperCap DR instead. That would give me a bigger improvement overall.

The rest of my system is 282/HCDR/250DR with Dynaudio Confidence C2 Platinum speakers.

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Thanks, I think we’re on the same page there. It’s always great to have views from others who have been there. Cheers.

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