NDX2 vs ND5XS2+Qutest

Has anyone compared a bare NDX2 to a ND5XS2/Qutest?
I have a ND5XS2/Qutest+SBooster and wonder whether selling both and buying a 2nd hand NDX2 would make things easier plus gaining a screen in the process is a nice extra as well.
Would I lose SQ when I go to a NDX2?

There are many posts comparing these options.
Have you done a search?
May have some useful opinions there for you to consider.


What @Neilb1906 says above. FWIW I did have the ND5XS2+Qutest combo for a bit as I couldn’t afford the NDX2.

Hello, I have never listened to ND5XS2 from Qtest, but I have listened to this streamer from XS3 and Sn3. It’s a great streamer in this budget, especially when combined with SN3. I have had NDX2 for several months and I can honestly recommend this combination. For me, the NDX2 is on a completely different level than the ND5XS2. A short listening session may not reveal a significant difference between these devices, but don’t be fooled :slight_smile: Attention to detail, i.e. correct setting, care for the selection of cables and their proper routing, extract a lot of excellent sound from these two black stands. Considering that you have HI cap, the effect should be even better

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I can hear the harshness that some people are referring to with the bare nd5xs2. The Qutest is less harsh and makes things a bit rounder but it seems the upper bass has a bit less slam and impact. Qutest also seems slightly less “Naimy”
How would you describe bare NDX2 vs Qutest?
Does the NDX2 has more drive / PRAT?

I did but couldn’t ask questions there since the topic was closed.

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