NDX2 with 555ps (non DR) or NSS333 with 555ps (non DR)?

Who can give some recommendations?

You’ll need to spend an additional £1000 for the 2 burndy cables needed to connect the 555ps and ns333. Does budget matter?

If the budget is not a problem?

Keep it simple - avoid buying extra cables (and IMO, unnecessary cost).

Connect 555PS to NDX2.


Thanks for your advice. I am forward to this direction too but just not 100% sure. NSS 333 is a bit out of my range

If it is out of your range do not audition. Just put the PSU on the NDX2.


Hello out there
This is the latest thread I can find about the 555PS that I might still be able to clarify some questions with.
I have my eye on a used 555PS. Are there any things I should be aware of, such as how old can it be (this one is from 2013)?
Should I ask if it has been serviced or is there anything else I should be aware of?
By the way, I have a Burndy cable from my current XPSDR, which I understand can be used if I need to connect the 555PS with a NACN272

NDX2–better DAC chip, same streamer, works seamlessly with the 555PS

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Dear Naim users

I am considering getting a 555PS. I already have a NACN272 and a NAP250DR. Can you tell me, or is there an opinion that it might be a bit overkill to add this top power supply to my system…?
I’m playing from Naim onto a pair of great sounding JMR Trente speakers

The 272 responds very well to power supply upgrades. If you intend to keep your 272 and have the budget for a 555PS I would definitely do it.


Thanks ChrisU.
I think the next step has to be the speakers, I don’t know, they’ve always played well… Maybe I should just relax and be happy with what I have. But I’ve been told that the 555PS is a considerable boost compared to the XPSDR

Further to what @ChrisSU says, above, of course the 555PS will survive any source upgrade all the way to ND555. It’s a very versatile power supply.


555 adds a lot to the 272. :+1::notes:

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