NDX2 with power amplifier only

Hello, I have been trying to find some real experiences from those who tried the NDX2 directly with a power amp using the the NDX2 volume control. Some comments say that sound quality is affected, but is this a massive change or not? I welcome your thought as I am seriously considering for convenience purposes… NB with the NDX2 I play music from my Uniti Serve, NAS and Tidal… Thanks so much for sharing your experience and thoughts on this. Welcome also recommendations of power amps - I need at least 150 watts in 8 ohm. Best, Pieter

The NDX2 doesn’t have a proper volume control, merely something that’s there to get Apple certification. Your profile says you have a 272/250 - why not just stay with that?

Hi pbult, As much as i would like to say that the combination of a NDX2 into a Naim power amp sounds fine, I found that it didn’t.

It sounded a bit lifeless feeding my NAP 300DR.

It may be different into another manufactures power amp, but I would suggest you try it before buying.

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