NDX2 with reliable, relatively fast WiFi - Problem?

Hi Guys,

I have done a lot of reading different topics about streaming using the NDX2 however I am afraid to say I cannot find a definitive (believe it or not) answer to probably a simple enough question.

The reason I think I am confused is because I can see a lot of members mentioning they use a wifi switch (which I am afraid I do not fully understand the benefit of) for better reliability it seems but I was wondering if this is required if say your router is in the same room connected up.

Currently I have BT fibre broadband and experience no issues at all with reliability. It runs mostly around 50mbps which seems ample for my requirements.

So my question would be, given the BT router (newest model I believe about a year old) is about 4 meters from the where the NDX2 will be is there any need for any other hardware to be installed for a reliable connection? My understanding is that if connected to the WIFI and playing through the Naim app using Qobuz, it essentially buffers the file/song upfront to ensure no drop outs anyway and that a drop may only occur a drop out after a prolonged period of no internet connection when playing music this way?

Or am I missing something completely? Thankyou for any help :smile:

Nope your BT SmartHub2 can drive your NDX2 via wifi perfectly. You won’t get dropouts unless there is something very wrong in your house… given your description.
So setup and enjoy… do take with a pinch of salt some of what you read… it usually is very straightforward, and the BT SmartHub2 is a very capable advanced device… just like your NDX2…
Congrats on your new NDX2.


I have not seen anyone with a “wifi switch” but regardless, my take:

  • Certainly there are more possible influences with wifi that can cause problems.
  • However, when reading the various wifi problem threads you have to keep in mind that many of these members live in what seems rather substantial houses (or apartments with problematic wall construction etc.) Covering a large area with reliable wifi has historically been problematic and was really only solved satisfactorily with mesh wifi networks. I think you will find that most everyone who installed a mesh solved their coverage problems.
  • With the router only 4m away and in sight, and assuming that your laptops and mobiles have reliable wifi connection, there should not be any problem with the NDX2 over wifi and your BT router

By wifi you even have the advantage of avoiding the whole ethernet switch and cable debate as you have no electrical connection. There might be theoretical downsides (you now have radiowave sender/receiver in the unit) but there should be no practical SQ influence on the NDX2. You are correct that playing Qobuz in the Naim app uses a large buffer (50 MB), more than a typical song data. You can pull the network cable from a playing NDX2 and it continues playing several minutes

Hi Simon, thanks for your reply you have pretty much confirmed what I was hoping to hear! Thank you for this as I can see from other threads this sort of thing appears to be an area of expertise for you.

Hi Suedkiez, thanks also for your reply, some interesting points you have raised to be honest, I probably hadnt appreciated the area some wifi may be trying to work over. Sounds like I have made “wifi switch” up! I guess I meant ethernet switch. Thank you for your help also.

To describe my adventures, I am soon to go from Audirvana/Tidal/DACV1/250DR into Qobuz/NDX2/282/HicapDR/250DR/PMC Twentyfive24s. Im looking forward to it!


@Stephen_Tate ( happy new year to you Stephen) has an Ndx2 and used Wifi for it with great results.
However, apart if he has changed his mind, which is very unlikely for him ( :laughing:), he found that wired with English Electric switch sounds still better.
I am sure he will respond.

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I have a ND5 XS2 and have it connected by wifi where it is about 8m from the mesh wifi disc and it works perfectly; never drops a connection or buffers and is always visible in the Naim app.
That wasn’t always the case. When I first got it, it was in the same position as it is now and the wifi was provided from the router in the same position as where the mesh wifi disc is now. At that time I was using TP Link ethernet over mains wifi adaptors to spread the wifi signal around the house. When they were in place I had no end of problems with the streamer; random stops, Naim app not finding it even though it was in the same room as the router. I got rid of the TP Link extenders and replaced them with a mesh wifi system. Since then no problems at all.
What to take from all of this is that if your network is nice and clean you should have no problems with the NDX2 on wifi.


Hopefully will be ok by the sounds of it. I don’t have many devices on my Wi-fi. Just the sky box and my iPhone usually!

I have an NDX2 I’ve used over WiFi from new, never connected it over wired Ethernet in fact. I expect with the kit and connectivity you describe you’ll have no worries using it this way.
Just remember, an NDX2 sounds amazing regardless of how it connects to the Internet, you can spend a lot of time and money going the wired route.
Despite what some may claim, it doesn’t take months/years to warm up or “come on song” either.


WIFI is a pretty good medium but on the basis your router with 4 ethernet ports is like a few metres away I would seriously consider just slapping a cable in. Hey you could even get all hot and bothered over an ‘audiophile’ cable at that distance!

And down the hole we go :slight_smile:

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Wifi is good and should just work with minimal effort with NDX 2, just follow the start-up guide. However for a more robust connection and possibly a better performance then a wired connection is preferred by many users here. This need not be complicated - an EE 8Switch (or similar) and some Ethernet cables will do a very good job indeed.

I have been down the rabbit hole of switches and Ethernet cables and have settled on the EE and MeiCord full loom. Others here have settled on other their preferred choices, either way it need not be complicated whether in wifi or wired mode.


Further if you do decide to use Ethernet instead of wifi, then you you can simply use the existing switchport in your SmartHub… as it’s only 4 metres away… you definitely don’t need a to buy or use a separate switch if you have a switchport free.
Only use another switch, if you need to provide extra switchports, that is more than the four you have on your SmartHub.


Thanks for all the advice on this. I will start off with the wifi and go from there I think. Good to know I don’t need to buy anything mega to make it work wired as well.

The one issue I would have with wired is that the cable would have to go from the router where it is currently located, over the top of a door frame and back down along and up to the NDX2 so probably not hugely practical and also less than average to look at too.

Guys I’ve connected everything up this evening but I cannot get a sound out of it!

What am I doing wrong? I’ve followed the diagram, the link plug is inserted. The ndx2 is playing but nothing is coming out of the speakers!

The speakers tweeter has a faint hiss which I understand to be normal. I’ve checked all the connections and they’re fine, everything is tight.

the ndx2 goes into the 282 with the cd input, on the front it has mon mon cd cd illuminated is this correct?

How is the streamer connected to the amp? RCA or DIN? is the output set appropriately on the streamer?

It’s connected via din the output on the ndx2 shows preamp1?

I have the ND5 XS2 and in the Naim app Settings -> Output Settings -> Audio output I get the following options. Is there nothing similar for the NDX2?

I have this

OK so that’s not the problem. I’ll leave it to others more familiar with the rest of the kit from here, hopefully you’ll get it sorted soon

Only if you want to listen in mono