Ndx2 With xps

Current set up with NDX2 and XPS DR And Chord TT2 headphone amp with Focal Utopia headphones. When the XPS was added I don’t think I could hear a difference but now have a room change and can add speakers and amp do you think I will hear a real improvement using the XPS or trade it towards Supernait3?

If you’re using the TT2 as a DAC and Headphone amp, then you’ll be using the digital output from the NDX2. Adding an XPS to the NDX2 when using it as just a digital source, is more of a marginal improvement compared to when using the NDX2 analogue output and adding the XPS. I assume you’ll be using the TT2 analogue outputs to feed your new amp ?

If so, money may be better put towards your proposed SN3 by trading in the XPS.

NDX2 into TT2 is a very capable source. I would certainly consider trading the XPS for an amp, but do you have analogue sources that require a preamp? If not the TT2 is a very capable digital preamp that can be used directly into a power amp which should give you more for your money. A Naim power amp may not be an ideal match though, maybe consider something from Chord.

Thanks James. Think your opinion makes a lot of sense and yes analogue from TT2 acting as preamp into a power amp might be a good path.

Reckon I am now convinced. The TT2 is also a preamp and recognised as a good piece of equipment. Next step to try and test a power amp from Naim or the Chord Ttoby and trade the XPS. Thanks

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