NDX2 with XPSDR - where are voltage feeds used?

When using an XPSDR with NDX2 does anyone know where each power feed is used?

XPSDR supplies:

From reading the new classics thread (and incompatibility with nDAC) I am guessing +/-10V is DAC related.

I might guess +/-22V could be analogue stage.

Does this mean the 2 x 15V feeds are related to streaming board and DSP areas?

This taken from the main site:

  • Four isolated transformer windings with six low-noise DR power regulators - configured as two isolated regulators for digital at +15V, isolated +/-10V for DACs and isolated +/-23V for analogue stages
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Ha ha serves me right. RTFM.

Matches what I can see from internal pics too.

So as a transport I wonder if we’d be exercising one or both of the 15V feeds.

In the ndac the clock appears to have its own supply. Maybe 15v is used for clock.

Don’t know the specifics, but the reason NPX300 can’t power nDAC was due to the negative rail being required for DAC chip I recall.

NPX only has +10V

The clock in the ndac requires its own power supply, which is anything above +8v. So it is possible +15v is used.

Anyway we already have a 555PSDR on nDAC.

I guess my outstanding question is whether both 15V feeds are used on NDX2 as a transport.

Looking at the pictures of both a NDX 2 & XPS DR i’m going to say yes, and i think this is where the biggest appeal of the external PSU lays. However this just pure speculation from my part. Maybe someone who is more clued up than i may like to comment and set the record straight.

Yeah, my visual inspection of internal pics suggests same but can’t really be sure what each feed to boards is used to drive.

I could always crack out the multimeter but if someone from naim could tell us it would be handy :smiling_face:

Itch to be scratched.
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You’re probably best asking Naim support.


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