NDX2/XPSDR to ND555. What can I expect

I forgot to say that the NAPSC sits on the floor. One less shelf.

Mine sits next to the HiCap, on the bottom shelf!
I have to say, having looked at my photo again, the RPi looks ridiculous on the top shelf! :grinning:

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That’s a tricky one, as I think you have to assess the whole system including speakers and room to come to a meaningful conclusion.
When I first started with NDX/Dave/282/250DR I found the highs just a little harsh with Dave/250DR (compared to NDX bare, or with Hugo) and putting the 282 back in just smoothed out that harshness nicely. On the other hand, without the 282 I just felt closer to the music. Soundstage and imaging were improved, but it was more than just that.
If I’m honest I found Dave without 282 just a little different rather than better or worse. So it was the chance to declutter the rack that was the deciding factor in the end.

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