NDX2/XPSDR to ND555. What can I expect

Having made the recent jump to 552DR (Which is getting better and better , loving it), I have decided too jump straight to the ND555 rather than getting the 555PSU on the NDX2 instead of the XPSdr. Anyone done the same ?

I have the 300DR (3-4 months now). and plan to keep for now (although I know I will probably end up there too). I am using wi if on the NDX2 and it works well. Should I be running Ethernet cable to the basement (some 30-40m around the outside of the house)? Or am i kicking the old hornets nest re cables and switches again , if it ain’t broke etc…

Thoughts please

Once you start with bits that start with a 5 there is usually only one place it ends. But a 552 is not a bad place to start. Me? I’d have kept with the ndx2, perhaps a 555psu. Stayed with a nap300dr. And spent the change on music.

Hi Mike,

in my case ethernet cable was a good investment as it got rid of frequent dropouts. I put it in 4 different rooms just in case. Good switches will be key.
There are a number of posts on it.


The ND555 doesn’t have its own power supply so you need to factor in buying at least one 555PS DR (you could use two, but you don’t need to). I expect the ND555 would work with an XPS DR but you wouldn’t be content with that, so better not to go to that half way house.



The ND555 doesn’t work with an XPS DR, it’s been optimised for 555DR only.

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The ND555 only works with one (or two) 555PS units. The XPS is of no use to you.

I am running ND555/552/300 with a single 555PSand it is fantastic. I moved from an NDS to the ND555 so not quite the same move as you but I’m sure you would be more than happy if you swap your NDX2/XPS for ND555/555PS.

Ok thanks. I it will take me another lockdown to read all switches posts

Sorry didn’t make it clear. I know the ND55 needs the 555 PSU. Ordered both. Traded the NDX2 and XPSDR for them both instead of upgrading the XPS to the 555PSU

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I don’t get may drop outs at all. I leave in running 24/7 to burn in the new equipment. I have the NDX2 connected to the 5GH out put of my wi fi.extender.

So would I have to run an Ethernet from drey trek router down to basement , then either straight in to ND555 or into a switch . TV works fine on wi fi with HD netflixs and Sky minis are good too. Not looking to hardwire anything else, But I have had too hardwired sky Q box via a TP link socket into mains (one into back of router) for it to work well as kept loosing WI FI signal on Q box ?? And this is stable and never drops out. The other sky minis work well on the 5G sky booster.

Whilst I have not heard a NDX2/XPSdr in my system I have used a NDX2 whilst my ND555 was away for repair I think you will find the upgrade more than worthwhile.

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I upgraded to 555PS from XPSDR on my NDX2 and the improvement in SQ was very impressive. My best upgrade so far.

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I had a demo between Ndx2 with 555 psu and the nd555 with the same psu and the same album…it was piano rendition that sold it for me.


John…I have a 282/300DR system with Kudos Titan 606s. Sadly I had to part with my dCS Bartók, for personal reasons. So now looking at NDX2, possibly with a decent power supply.
The Bartók sat on the top shelf of a five shelf rack. It was a one box solution. If I get a NDX2, there is no space for the PS. Funds are tight so can’t get another decent rack. Any ideas?

I’d probably think in the same context as moving from a 252 to a 552 - and you know what that’s like. That’s the sort of SQ jump you’d get going from the NDX2 to ND555. I also believe you would notice a difference using a direct Ethernet link and switch. I did on a much lesser streamer.

The NDX2 without a ps is good but unfortunately a ps makes a huge difference.
Like you I didn’t have spare space so I went up to a six box stack to incorporate streamer, pre amp, amp and three ps. I gave up on records and CDs and went to streamer only. I’ve never regretted it, especially since I moved to Qobuz.

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Thanks John…It’s bizarre that the 555 PS is more expensive than the actual streamer!
Do you mind me asking, what stack you now have to accommodate the PS?

I discovered by chance that I could use my Chord Dave as a preamp, and therefore somewhat controversially sold my 282. It seened like an extravagance to buy such an expensive DAC, but when I discovered that it could also replace my 3 box ÂŁ6.5k preamp it became a no-brainer.
At the time I had a 250DR. I was concerned that a non-Naim preamp might be a bad move, but my ears told me it sounded just as good without the 282, although a little different.

I use Fraim Lite with Quadraspire reference feet under the NDX2 and 282.

Thanks @ChrisSU. Is the Dave a match for the 282? I do appreciate it’s a good DAC.

Thanks John. I may look at two smaller stacks, but then it takes up more room…