Neat Ekstra

I keep seeing teaser posts popping up on my Instagram feed. Not quite sure where it fits in with the range but as with most Neat offerings it should be fine speaker. Demoing at Bristol next week


Interesting. Looks like it has a similar tweeter to the Iota range.

Did a quick Google search :wink:

"The Neat Ekstra borrows its elegant new design and configuration found in prestige Neat Ultimatum XL6 loudspeaker. The top section is sealed off from the lower, and incorporates two sealed chambers, operating as a two-way infinite baffle loudspeaker. A 50mm ribbon-type tweeter and 134mm bass/midrange unit are both mounted on a specially profiled sub-baffle, attached to the main cabinet via a de-coupling polyethylene membrane.

Up top, the selection of the ribbon tweeter was for its great dynamic expression without compression. The treated paper cone with flared profile used in the bass/mid drive unit has already proved its worth in both the award-winning Neat Motive and Iota Alpha models. The carefully-judged crossover network allows superb integration of these units.

The lower, ported, part of the Ekstra houses not one, but two of the 134mm bass drive units. One unit is located on the bottom panel, facing the floor, while the second is located internally, directly above the first, in a sealed iso-baric arrangement, handling only low frequencies and acting as an integral subwoofer system. The low-Q port is specially tuned to enable close to wall placement of the speaker in most rooms.

Iso-baric loading allows deep, well-controlled LF performance from a compact enclosure. This system takes great skill to execute correctly, and the hugely successful implementation in several of Neat’s other models has given them means to do so with confidence.

The Ekstra is very slim, at 17cm wide, and 110cm tall. The footprint is minimal so perfect for tight spaces such as typical city homes.

We are very excited about this new model and hope that the package adds up to the typical full-bodied and agile presentation with a huge soundstage we have come to expect from Neat Acoustics."


Forgot to add:


The Neat Ekstra will be available from April in American Walnut, Black Oak, Satin White for £2999.


  • Size (HxWxD): 110 x 17 x 25cm
  • Weight: 18Kg each
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms (minimum ~5 Ohms)
  • Sensitivity: 86dB/1 watt
  • System: 2.5-way, iso-baric bass reflex, incorporating an integral iso-baric subwoofer
  • Drive units: 1 x 134mm LF/Midrange unit; 1 x Ribbon HF unit; 2 x 134mm LF units

tough decision (on paper) between neat ekstra and (also new) dynaudio evoke 30. Wonder if any dealers will be carrying both.

Nice! From the photos they look rather elegant, and I like the black and white finish in the Instagram & Facebook snaps too. Plus, three spike floor coupling - hurray!

These points in the description caught my attention…

"The footprint is minimal so perfect for tight spaces such as typical city homes”

“The low-Q port is specially tuned to enable close to wall placement of the speaker in most rooms.”

Nice to see a manufacturer acknowledging that not all customers live in a spacious loft apartment and can place their speakers a meter or two out into the listening room.

If they place as described and sound as good as they look then Neat should have really successful new model in their range.

More snaps on FB now showing driver arrangement and Isobarik loading…


They look good and seem to be a continuation of the Iota theme, albeit in a more conventional cabinet. It’ll be interesting to see what they look like in the flesh.

I am very interested to hear and see them at the upcoming audio show in Montreal next month as they are close in price to the Iota Xplorer and both speakers interest me as my next purchase. I do like the slim design aspect of this new speaker.

Karen and I spent a fair amount of time listening to these speakers at the Bristol show.

They are very good, very enjoyable. Relaxed and musical, we could have spent the day just sat in the Neat room enjoying these.


They were super when I heard them too. I only stayed for a couple of tracks but even so, I could hear they were special. I managed to get s quick snap while I was there , not the best pic in the world but at least it’s something.


Not keen on the ‘space rocket’ styling of the feet…

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we did not notice those, , we just heard some great music.

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Looks like a joint “design” venture between Flash Gordon and MFI.

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I like them - probably best seen in the flesh but they look good. Interesting system - i see a Chord Qutest, a Melco Server and is that a Cyrus integrated or a phono stage (Well Tempered TT ?).

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It would not surprise me if Neat made some version of their Stabilzer feet available for these. I think it would look rather good but I am looking forward to seeing them.

They seemed to have been designed by Elon Musk and the Space X team, if you know what I mean!:wink:

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I dont.

I listened to these to at the Bristol Show. Very impressive. Fast, detailed with plenty of controlled and tuneful bass, considering their diminutive size. As Polarbear said, although they rocked, they were also relaxing to listen to. They also look great in the flesh and the photos don’t do them justice.

An Iota with knobs on!

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I would be inclined to say their DNA is more akin to the Motive & Ultimatum range rather than the IOTA.


I do hope they are a sales success. Small (?) independent companies like Neat deserve to have a continuing place in the hifi industry.