Neat Iota Alpha Speakers

Has anyone got any experience with these speakers please.The reviews are very good but thats not like real experience with them.
Im looking to upgrade my Old Castle Stirlings ( which still sound good). I’ll be driving them with my Uniti Star.

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Lovely sounding speakers, feed them a good recording and you would think you are listening to much larger speakers, though can they can be quite critical of poor recordings. Extraordinary bass for there size and they are very unobtrusive. I auditioned spender A2, Kudos x2 and Rega rx3 in my room and the Iota Alphas were the best sounding by far. They do take a long long time to fully run in. They appreciate a good source and amplification. I wouldn’t swap them and the Mrs T loves them for there size. Try and get a home audition.

Use them on the end of a Unitilite very good they need a long burn in time.

I have used on the end of my main 300dr system and it it quite incredible how they can sound.

I’ve got the Iota Xplorers paired with my Uniti Star and can’t fault them, sound great and look funky.

I bought a pair of Iota Alphas a year or so ago and really wanted to like them as they look great and my wife liked their modest size and looks but I was rather underwhelmed by their sound. I know this is contrary to most users and they have many good reviews but in my smallish room and coupled with a Nova and also with the addition of a 250DR they didn’t suit me. After auditioning Dynaudio S40, Kudos S10, ATC19 and ATC11 I chose the latter - cheaper than the others and just great in my room and now even better having swopped my Custom Design stands for a pair of Solid Steel stands.

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