Neat Iota Alpha upgrade over PMCs?

Hello guys,

I am using Atom with PMC Twenty 22. Would Neat Iota Alpha be upgrade over my PMCs? I would go to Xplorers but dont have budget, and dont want to upgrade Atom to something more powerful.

They are quite different speakers so I think the only way that you can answer that question is by having a listen for yourself. Good luck!

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It’s likely to be a sideways move at best unless the Neat’s happen to suit your room better than the PMC’s which is unlikely as PMC’s are normally a good fit for most rooms.

Should have feel the need to upgrade you should be looking to move up the range from the Atom. A Nova would be a significant upgrade over the Atom, more so than any speaker would give you as the PMC’s you have are excellent and can easily exploit a better source/amp.


Last time I auditioned speakers I compared a pair of Alpha’s with some other options (ended up with Audio Physic Compact Classic bookshelves). I wasn’t too impressed. Plus that style of speaker looks too much like a public trashcan imo (the Larsen’s I auditioned as well). YMMV of course.

I had a demonstration of the Alpha and was very impressed indeed. Certainly remarkable for the size. I also like PMC speakers in general, but couldn’t comment on a direct comparison.

I very much doubt the Neats would be an upgrade per se. You may prefer the sound, but that’s a different thing. As others have suggested, better electronics is where to look if you want a genuine upgrade. More powerful doesn’t have to mean louder, but it does mean better control over your speakers, which are very good.

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Hello @fmzg, I’m reading your question as ‘Which speakers would be a better match for my Atom (which I do not want to upgrade) than my PMCs?’

Have I understood?


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I would think the PMC’s would have better base with them being a ported design over the Neats.
I had the Neat Xplorers and now have the PMC 23i’s . The PMCs are so much better all round


I would stick with your PMC speakers they are very good. If you fancy Neat Explorer……then why not wait and save up. You could try-the new Kef Meta R3, if you fancy a change. But as has been mentioned the electronics upgrade will be the better long term option. Anyway the research, listening and decision making is all part of-the enjoyment, have fun.

Transmission line, fundamentally different from common or garden reflex speakers which are the ported designs often seen and in many cases oft denigrated and sometimes modified with bungs. To many who like what transmission lines do In terms of bass performance all others are inferior.

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The lower (bass) section of the Iota Alphas is ported.


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I see what you did there!:wink:

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The thing is, PMCs are my first serious speakers. I find them excellent but for the sake of further exploration, I was thinking about the change.

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Sorry I meant transmission line not ported

That suggests to me that what you should do is spend some time listening to a large variety of speakers, to find what suits you best, and absolutely nit rush and buy on imoulse if simply or suggestions from here ir elsewhere. Of all system components, speakers have the biggest effect on the character of a system, and getting them right for your taste can make a huge difference to enjoyment. Whatever is your budget, or could be if you waited and saved, listen to as many different speakers as you can within the bracket that suggests. But if the dealers or private sellers don’t have an atom or the PMC 22s then take yours - the Atom to drive them with, and speakers tk give you a baseline for comparison in different rooms. Maybe include other PMCs in your trials.

Incidentally, how did you choose the speakers you have now?

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Best advice above. Nobody on the internet can tell you what your ears will like. And even if you don’t take your get along, at least audition with a baseline backend near to yours (don’t let the dealer throw on $100k with of gear if your is only 5). And be sure to play a variety of music, not just ‘audiophile’ tunes.

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