Neat Iota Alpha

I saw some of these a few years ago and loved their small form factor. Similarly I saw a pic in the system thread and they do look like such a cool little speaker. Does anyone have a set and how far out into the room do they need to be in order to sound good and not ‘wooly’? I would like to try a set at some point as they look great but would appreciate some advice. Also pics to whet the appetite are always welcome!

Hi Lewis

I’ve heard them at my dealers ,they were placed about 30cm from rear wall

A fun speaker in true Neat tradition, good that you have solid timber floor

They would sound mighty on the end of your CB 250 and potentially the nait 1 although 4 ohms

Trust you and family are well

Cheers from Sydney

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Hi Lewis, they are not boomy in my limited space at all.


Here is my little system, Alphas are on customised granite plinths ( due to suspended wooden floor) which enables me to pull them out a little more when listening solely to music from the Atom HE (via Nap 200 behind TV ),
A compromise that suited me (and the other half) better than the KEF R3sI previously had on stands either side of screen.


That’s a really cool clock.


@vertenna @Bandit - I notice you both use them ribbons outside, did you try the other way round? I think Neat say either is ok (from what I recall of my Iota instructions), and to try to see which you prefer?

The Alphas are great little speakers - lots of detail and lots of vigour & boogie from a box that you hardly notice visually. However, I note the line of sockets on your wall. Are you planning to swap Atom and 200 for NDX2+XPSDR+282+SCDR+250?


Thank you - it’s the idea of my wife. It makes the blank wall more interesting - I like it.

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I believe it depends on how far you place the speakers apart. I prefer the tweeter outside in case of the speakers are closer together - only around 1.2 meters in my setup. I would do the other way around if I have more space.

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Sockets are from the older surround system from a few years back but have reduced it down to what you see (apart from Notts Spacedeck on wall at rear of tv),and unfortunately am in no position being on a pension to upgrade to the heights of many of the contributors of these forums here.
At least had the foresight to have a separate supply from the distribution box when having a rewire over 15years ago !


Agree with Bandit, the lounge is quite long but narrow and personally prefer tweeters on outside this way , as I mentioned in the earlier post I tend to slide the plinth/speakers further out when listening to music .
Having said that I only tried it the other way for a couple of days so may experiment in the future.


Thanks guys, love the look of them, such a beautiful design and they remind me of SBL’s in some way too. I know audience in Bath have them for sale, I wonder if they’d let me demo a pair at home :disguised_face:


I’m currently considering a pair of Neat Iota Alphas and was wondering if the 5si would be good enough, or would the XS3 would be overkill?

I cannot comment on the 5i but I am driving the Iota Alphas with a XS2 and certainly don‘t feel this is an overkill.


I’ve demo’ed them with a SuperNait 2 and they showed the differences with an without a hicap dr nicely.

One of my hifi mistakes was buying a pair of bw cm5’s instead of Neat Iota Alphas.


Good to know. I suppose it means if budget allows, going for XS3 or even SN3 would be nice.

The Xplorers are very good as well and not much bigger

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I run SX3s and a XS3! Sounds great! I don’t think it’s overkill at all.

What do you run at the moment?

I had a demo of these and was very impressed indeed. Eventually, I came home with a pair of Audio Physic Tempo 35, but at a MUCH higher cost.

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Currently running the Atom driving a pair or ProAc Tab 10 Signatures in the study. I’m thinking about the Neats for the living room - it’s a small area and I think the Neats would suit it well.

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