Neat Iota with Nait 2 or UQ2?

Hoping I can get some advice as per the title.

I have a pair of Neat Iota’s and currently running them through a Nait 2. I like what they do, but feel they are lacking some magic when comparing to a pair of Kan 2s which really produced a magical sound. (The Kan’s don’t meet the requirements of the other half) and so the iotas due to size and aesthetics will remain in place.

The question I wondering is, would the Unitiqute 1 or 2 be a better match for the iotas as I notice the reccomend wattage for the iotas is >25w.

Hasanyone heard the iotas on the end of a nait 2 vs a UQ? I have seen many comments about the UQ and iotas sounding great together as a match, but just wonder if I’m barking up the wrong tree in contemplating changing the nait2 for the UQ? (I wouldn’t be letting go of the Nait2 if I did change as will repurpose it elsewhere)

The source is digital and is a raspberry pi as this is a second system in the kitchen and so won’t be changing the source due to convenience for connectivity with the rest of the house.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Hi Andrew

I had some Iotas with my Nait2 and the amp did not have the power to drive the speakers well - they do prefer a bit of grunt IMO.

Years before that I had another Nait2 and ‘upgraded’ to a UQ2 (had to sell the Nait to find the purchase) and regretted it. I would look at changing the speakers for something that is easier to drive rather than change the Nait2. I use Spendor S3/5R2s with Nait 2, it works well. Other smaller speakers are available if size is the main issue for you.



Hi Neil,

Thanks for your response, I’m not in a position to change the iotas so looking for something that would be a better match for them, and as it’s a second system in the kitchen the shoebox sized amps work well.

I’m not letting go of the nait 2 as it’s a keeper, but just questioning if the Unitiqute would bring more out of the iotas?



It sounds as if it may be a question of keeping the amp and changing the speakers, I have seen Q Acoustics smaller speakers used in kitchen systems on these pages

Certainly I would keep the Kans until another day , but they are a whole step up in class from the Iotas

@anon4489532 has a UQ and Iotas in his office system. I’m sure Nigel will be along to comment presently.

I’ve got an old NAP120 / NAC32 combination driving the Neat Iotas in my kitchen.

Happy with the sound it produces.

Thanks Ian, I can put the Nait2 to use elsewhere, where the aesthetic choice of speakers is less of an issue with the other half.

The Iotas are staying put in the kitchen so wanted to see if a UQ or even and old CB pre / Power combo would be a better match for the iotas. Its not played particularly loud but just wonder if I’m missing out much on the Iotas not being powered enough by the nait?

UQ + Iotas is a tried and tested combo, but that does not mean it will necessarily work for you. A kitchen is not a kind environment for HiFi. Hard reflecting surfaces, lots of other electrical gear with noises off, difficult to achieve equilateral listening triangle, etc. Also it might be worth analysing just what is lacking in SQ when using the iotas vs the Kans (“magic” is not all that helpful) so you know what you are trying to improve. Then try to find a UQ at a price where you can move it on if it doesn’t bring the magic back.

I really enjoy Iotas with Atom in my tiny office, but that’s probably a friendlier room for hifi and I’m guessing that is outside your budget.


I’m using Iota’s with ( don’t laugh ) an Akai AA1010 receiver circa 1975, with all of 14 watts a side. That is until I replace it with something better suited. Room is about 3 x 2.5 metres and they sound amazing, I know it’s ridiculously underpowered but they sound great. It’s a spare system in the spare room and only gets used when my wife wants to watch tv in the lounge!

Thanks sorry for lack of explanation, I find it hard to adequately describe the difference between the Kans and the Iotas on the nait but I’ll try and give it a shot.

I guess what I heard from the kans vs the Iotas is a greater texture and more warmth to the sound especially at lower volumes, I’m not sure if this is due to the colouration from the Kans or due to the lack of power to drive the Iotas. The sound from the kans was more well rounded.

I don’t think the iotas sound bad currently just they don’t have that same texture and rounded sound that the Kans did. As I said not sure if I’m barking up the wrong tree due to it being down to the natural presentation of the two speakers or if the Iotas are just not being powered enough by the Nait?

The Kans are in a different class, they are akin to the Harbeth P3ESR, ProAc Tablettes , Graham L3/5 etc .

The Kans may be small but they are a whole level higher than the Iotas

I think you may be expecting a little to much from them in comparison.

Thanks, that was my question am I chasing something that isn’t possible or are the Iotas performing as they are due to the nait being underpowered for them or potentially a mix of both?

I guess I should swap the iotas into the main system and see how much is down to power of the nait.

I have the p3esr’s in my main system and adore them. While the kan’s were great they did sound a little coloured in comparison and not at the same level in my limited opinion.

I love listening to my UQ2/Iota system in the study. But think about it: the Kans cost £250 in 1983 (that’s what my Mk 1s cost me anyway) and the Iotas cost £800 37 years later. It’s really no surprise that the Kans are better. I ran my Kans with an LP12 and 72/250 for years, something you wouldn’t do with Iotas.

I thought about Kans for the study but didn’t want them wall mounted on ugly stands. I wanted something small, discreet and white, a role that the Iotas fulfil to perfection.

The thing with speakers with the BBC heritage is that they do sound very good, but they can be hard to drive.

The Iotas would be built to a certain price point, Neat tune their speakers to Naim equipment . So the small Neat Iotas should be a good match for the small Naim box.

They tend to feature on these pages with second systems (or even third systems

Hope you find a solution you are happy with

Thanks HH and Ian, it makes sense that they won’t get to the same level of quality as the Kan’s, and HH I’m like you that wanted something small and discreet and so went for the Iotas in white from an aesthetics point of view.

I guess what I’m questioning is am I missing out on anything with the Iotas running from a Nait2 and is there anything to gain by going to a UQ or CB Pre / Power combo that may have better power handling for the Iotas?

Fwiw I’m happy with the sound they produce as it is played at low to moderate levels

The UQ2 has more power. What I like about it is that I can stream all my music and listen to internet radio too, whereas with a Nait you need separate sources. But if you already have those sources, and the space, it’s less of an issue.

I briefly ran Neat Iotas with my CB Nait 2. It was awful. The Iotas needed more power and also the characteristics of each product simply made them a bad match for each other.

A shoebox combo like CB 62/140 or olive 72/140 would be much better because they have more drive. Although, I suspect the Iotas’ sonic character is such that they are best when matched to Classic gear like a UnitiQute. Keep in mind I did not own any Classic gear at the time I had the Iotas so was unable to test that suspicion.

I tried Iotas at home with my UQ2 and didn’t like the bass. I was hearing the bass ‘bottom out’ at not great volume it seemed. I think that in my room, I was just asking too much of them. I thought the same of small Totem bookshelfs too.

Using Iota’s with a Superuniti in my office system they lackI a little “warmth” for me and need to be played loud to sound anywhere near “correct”, I’m seeking an alternative , so wanted to love them as they fit perfectly, and yes did demo them but with a UnitiQute.

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