Neat Mystique Classic speakers

Just picked up the above from Jerry at Castle Sound & Vision in Nottingham (UK) following cracking review.

Hoping they will combine the excitement of the Neat Iota Alphas I tried using that AMT tweeter but with the driver from their Motive range. The Motive SX2s were good but not quite right given my positioning constraints.

So far so very good; just 199 running-in hours to go!


I home demoed a pair of Mystique Classics over the Xmas/New Year break - they never went back to the dealer, he had to order another set for the shop. Absolutely love them.


I had the original Mystique’s back then.
They were better than price indicated at that time.
Neat has been one of my favorite brands since the early days of Petites.

How much are new Mystique today I wonder ?


RRPs for these (taken from a review):
£2,475 black or white
£2,595 oak or walnut

Just read a great review of the Mystique Classic on the AV Forums website, I think that’s a full house for all the speakers in Neat’s Classic range Petite, Mystique and Elite with all three receiving excellent independent reviews both online and in the HiFi press so well done Neat.

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My mystique 2s cost me £500 in 1999 ex demo. Sold them in 2018 on ebay. I do wonder what they’d sound like on the end of the kit i have now.

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