NEAT Petite 30

Has anyone heard this with their own gear or dealer demo ?

Hi CalumF

Not yet but my pair should be arriving this week

I’ll let you know how I go I’m expecting good things with the SN3/HiCapDR



Hi Bevo,

Which of your three systems are you slotting the Petites into?


At this stage I’ll interchange them with the neat ministra’s and see how they go

Longer term potentially the LP12 Ekos 2 system but just see how it all pans out

It might be I prefer them over the Ministra’s but who knows , that would be a big call

I’m told the Petite 30’s are quite a step up
from the nSAT’s so looking to hear that comparison also

I’ll keep you informed on progress . I’m lucky I live in 2 locations (both relatively small these days which really suit me now) so can spread the gear out a bit


I live in a derisory single location, the Petite 30 would be driven by NAP 200, checked with manufacturer there’s no recommendation for amps but confident I’ve enough

Absolutely Calum the 200 will be fine they are quite an efficient speaker with quite a wide sound stage evidently

I’ll run mine with the SN3/HiCapDr and see what gives

In my other small home I have the main system (not touching that ) and depending how it all pans out the Petites could be driven by the CB 32.5/CBHiCap:CB250 combo , currently running the nSATs which I’ll always keep

They will need at least 200 hours to run in and that’s been my experience with Neat speakers, need a bit of time to hit their straps

Wot - a 4th system? :open_mouth:

I really need to get on with rebuilding my CB Nait 2 so I can setup a second system!

Rigged up the Petite 30’s with 282/250DR the other day previously had 202/200 they are little belters tried with Tubeway Army “Are ‘friends’ Electric ?” Lovely piano lacquer finish and for me anyway right size / price / heritage for being British made. Currently running on the retailer’s stock cable on loan until Super Lumina arrives, may also do SL interconnects but that is even more of a big decision than the speaker cables

Have the black piano ones CalumF

Currently running with the SN3/HiCapDR

Love them excellent little speaker , lovely wide soundstage , image well etc etc

I have 252/SCDR/250 in another location and really want to get them onto the end of that combo

Thanks for the thread

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How do you rate them versus your nSats?


Excellent question OA

Unfortunately I haven’t yet compared them side by side as both are 100kms apart ha :grinning:

What I can say though the Petite 30’s are grown up nSats , I really love them as they are now fully run in . That’s not to say the nSats are going anywhere they are not, as they are a wonderful little speaker and match the older naim gear I’m using them with.

The Petite’s have a lovely wide soundstage , great midrange and image well . Something alluring about them, they are keepers for me, I’m playing them a lot.

I initially purchased them to compare to the Neat Ministra’s which certaintly have their own positives such as a deeper bass being an isobaric design . But overall I prefer the Petites

Not sure if you are aware , the Petite 30’s have been such a success that Bob the owner of neat Acoustics has announced the Petite’s are going back into production with the model to be called “Petite Classic”

Probably the Petite 30’s are sold out as only 100 pairs manufactured but the new Classic is based on them




Hi Bevo,

I did not know Bob was continuing on with the “Classic” iteration! Do you know details of the Classic - will it be the same design? I assume the special extra bits most likely won’t be included with the Classic?

Separately, how do you think your Nait 2 would sound driving the 30s?



Hello OA

There are some broad details re the Neat Classic if you google

Stereonet Munich HiFi show 2022 - I think it’s part 3 report N to Z

Evidently same height as original Petite but uses components of the Petite 30 . Nothing on the Neat Acoustics official website yet though

Depending on the efficiency of the classics I think the Nait 2 will drive them quite ok in a small room. I know Bob at one show couple of years ago used the nait 2 to drive some of his more higher range speakers with great success

Hope this helps OA



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