Neat SX3i

I can get a good deal on a pair of Neat SX3i. But unfortunately can’t listen to them (too far away).
I have a Sansui vintage AU-6900 as a preamplifier and an Exposure 2010s power amplifier.
The listening room is 10 mtr x 3.5 mtr.
Can someone share his experiences about placement (close to wall?), Sound character and so on …
Greetings from The Netherlands


The words Sansui and vintage…ooohhhhh…


I mean of course the Momentum sx3i. I now have Epos es11.

Welcome Blusy

I have had the 3xi’s -excellent speaker, you will need good stands for them. I played around with placement so in my room they were best at 250 cm out from back all and at lease 500cm from side walls. Have to be careful with placement as being ported they have a pretty “big” sound

Not sure what the exposure’s wattage is but they like a bit of grunt

Having said that I actually traded them in for a pair of the new Neat Ministra speakers which really suit my smaller room better, isobaric loading and ribbon tweeter - love them and before you leap into the 3xi’s if you can you should listen to them


Thank you Bevo,
That is indeed very helpfull.
I presume you mean 25 cm?

Exposure is 75 watts (8 ohm)

Hello Bevo,
Is The size of my listeningroom (10 mtr by 3,5 mtr) right foor the SX3i ?
Is toe room smaller ?

Apologies Bluey

Yes 25cm

And yes room should be Ok just watch the side walls , a room your size you may be able to bring them out from back wall a little further and may benefit from that.

Exposure at 75 watts will be fine. I found best not to toe in ( although the Ministra’s ive now got are better for a slight toe in) , probably need to play around with positioning a bit

Being a discontinued model I’m sure there are bargains around

They are a good speaker

Trust this has helped


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Meant also to say Bluey - visually they are quite a “chunky” speaker to look at and a tad boring but it depends on the finish

Mine were a dark cherry but I’m thinking they probably look far better in say the oak finish

I use them with a supernait 1 and hicap dr - positioned away from wall slightly toed, great soundstage, strong bass especially at louder volume, tweeter was a big improvement on the 3i tweeter which was sibilant in my setup - this tweeter was better but I suspect not as good as the ribbon tweeter in the newer neats. I really like them and will be looking to drive them with a 250 at some point. Impedance drops to 4 ohms transiently and needs a strong amplifier.

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Agree PumpkinCairn

Ribbon tweeter in the Ministra’s are to my ears better than 3xi’s tweeter, but my Naim dealer says some say the other way around, so personal choice

Can’t go wrong is getthem at good price, will go for years

So The tweeter is not that ‘got’ anymore? I hate sibilance ans spitty treble!

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If you are happy with your Epos 11s, why change? I certainly wouldn’t buy a speaker unheard, and certainly not just because it’s cheap. You’ll get owners of the speaker telling you they are good - of course they will, because they have bought them - but that doesn’t mean you will like them. I’d just be happy with the Epos. A Naim amplifier would be nice though!


The Epos es11 move to my second system in the garage. They are nice though!
Would like more openess, a bit more bass and silky treble.

What HH said. I like my Motive SX3s - but then I would say that X)

I will say that their treble is smoother/less strong than the ribbons in my Iotas. Iotas aren’t sibilanty (what!?) just stronger presentation than the SX3s.

I suggest SX2 or SX1 floor standers if you want more bas
ES11 and SX3 are approximately similar cabinet size.

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There seems to be somewhat confusion about Motive SX3 and the Momentum SX3i with SXT tweeter that I’m meaning to try.

Oh yeah, the SX3i is quite a different beast, sorry about that. I kinda assumed my SX3s were related, but looking at the SX3i it is a fair bit more sophisticated!

Good luck in your decision making :slight_smile:


Are the Momentum sx3i suited for my music taste (indierock, postpunk, postmetal, psychrock) ?

The SX3i is the isobaric standmount version of the momentum range; they have recently been stopped being made by Bob Surgeoner; i auditioned the 3i originally after i heard the small floor stander i think it was called X2 or something like that; the momentum is more refined - it was at the Bristol show and when i later heard the momentum range at the dealer i preferred it, to be honest i liked the XL6 but couldn’t afford them. My 3i speakers were ok when i got them home but i tired of them after a while because of the edgy treble and when one of the tweeters developed a problem Bob agreed to upgrade them to the SX3i as a special - the treble was fixed and i’ve really enjoyed them since.

There’s a lot of emperor’s new clothes and systems sounding broken and suddenly fixed and the like on here; the bottom line is you buy what you like to hear and oftentimes a modest system that suits your room and acoustics is way better than spending endless money on upgrades you struggle to hear - for what its worth i have a hiline phono to din running in reverse between my lion streamer and the SNait because it was cheap second hand and i cant believe there can be a difference with electrons running in an AC signal; there are no single end earthing connections that i can see.

You should first get speakers which suit your taste and room and a very good source and then put in the necessary amp to drive them. The voicing of the system comes down a lot to the speaker. My system is a mishmash of stuff, linn naim neat and it does work well to my ear and that’s what ultimately matters. Dont buy what you cant hear.

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