Neat Ultimatum xli 272/250 mullet?

Would neat ultimatum xli be too much for 272/250?
To any owners out there, how much room do they need around them?

I don’t think so. I upgraded my small Harbeths to the ultimatum XLM’s - which are the standmount version and had a superuniti. Was worried about “watts” as their unique configuration kind of calls for power.

After a year of wondering about a 272.2 and what bi amping 2 250’s would be vs. a 300 - I contacted Neat who uses Naim for testing with your your exact same question, they answered they use a supernait 2 for testing the new XLS version.

So I upgraded my superuniti to a SNait 3 + Naim streamer, and the despite fact that the rated power remained the same, the “upgrade” was staggering!!

So, while improvements can always be made - you are at a fine starting or finishing point. And for what I listen to - I’ll be buying another pair of Neats when these wear out. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine. I have mine about 1 foot away from the wall.


Assuming that the XL10s aren’t hugely different from the MF9s which I run, then yes, they do benefit from some space around them, mine having around 25" between the wall and the rear port on the speaker.

Speak with Sergeant Bob Surgeoner at Neat, who will be only too willing to talk you through things, he being, most definitely, one of the “good guys”.


Nah, grab them while you can, especially if they’re at the right price, and you can then “grow” the rest of your system to get the very best from the Neats. :roll_eyes: :laughing:

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They’d be very happy with a 250 but as others have said they do like space!

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Perfect match. MFS work anywhere, up against the wall all the way to to the center of the room. Presentation changes. About 20 inches from rear wall gave the best bass, timing. A little further out and they will open up a bit more. Even the extra bass of the XLI it should be close to the same.

Whether or not it’s a mullet really depends on whether you intend to improve the electronics at a later date. I initially used my speakers with a 272/250 and quite quickly added a power supply for the 272, which makes for a much better match. I’d suspect the situation for the Neats is pretty similar.

According to the manual the speakers need about 50cm behind them and at least 60cm to the side. I’ve always liked the look of the Ultimatum range but don’t have the space. I do have the tiny Iotas with my Qute2 though, and they are lovely.

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HI Stu,

Not sure if I haven’t jumped the gun a wee bit, mentioning the XL10s, when you seem to be asking after the Xli model, made between 2011 / 2016 (note to self: Read the bloomin’ thread title properly!)

Anyhow, sorry if I may have misled you, but the best advice is still to chat with Bob Surgeoner, who will be only too happy to help you.

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Thanks everyone. The max I’m probably going to get away with from back wall is about 30cm.
80cm from side walls. It might be pushing things a bit with rear wall placement. Just depends how much this will compromise sound. It’s tempting to jump on a good deal but always a bit of a risk.

A power supply is on the radar but it may be a while down the line yet.

mine are about 30cm away, and they sound around the same as if I move them out. hope this helps!

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Thanks for the great advice as always. After measuring up the room when I got home last night I think they will be too obtrusive in the room and sound will always be somewhat compromised if I can’t get them away from the back wall. I do like to listen at reasonable volume levels and worry the bass might get too unruly.
Seemed like too good a deal to pass up but I guess good deals don’t necessarily equate to the best result.

That’s a shame but it’s very wise to reflect carefully before acting. If you have a solid brick wall behind the speakers you could perhaps think about some SL2s if you can find some. I can attest to their being a good match to the 272/250, and they take up little space.

Unfortunately my walls are plasterboard so not ideal. I spoke to Bob at Neat who was very helpful. He recommended some caution with the ultimatums in terms of room size and placement.
I do however have the Ministras on home demo atm which are starting to sound fantastic after some running in time. They sound better close to the wall for some bass reinforcement and have much more refined upper frequencies than my motive 2s (which have served me well)
They are looking very much like keepers at the moment.

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