Neat Xplorer or Kudos Super 20a

Could use some help in my decision to purchase new speakers. Currently have new amplification 282/HiCap Dr/250DR, pretty big improvement over previous XS3. Musical tastes are instrumental, jazz, piano, electronic and world music. Music provided by CDs, FLAC files from NAS but most music is streamed from Tidal and Spotify using Node (N130) into Denafrips DDC, then into Denafrips Pontus II. Sounds terrific especially with the 282 and 250DR. I use two speakers, Proac Tablette 10 Signatures and Buchardt S400. Space is somewhat limited in that the speakers can only be about 12 inches off the rear wall to the back of the speaker.

Budgeted about $10,000 US for speakers so I am considering only 2 speakers right now Kudos Super 20 a and Neat Iota Xplorer. I think either of these speakers can deal with my space pretty well.

Any users impressions out there of these two speakers or others you feel might work well is greatly appreciated. Can’t do a listen to either before purchasing as they are not readily available in the US and certainly not where I live, plus some mobility constraints right now. Nearest dealer for the Kudos is about 5 hours away, Neat even farther.

Thoughts, impressions?

Those are both great speakers, and I would be happy to own either of them. I’ve never compared them directly in the same room and system, but if anything I would perhaps favour the Xplorers.
If you like what the Xplorers do, you might consider Shahinian Arcs, as apart from having a similar form they have some sonic similarities too, and are quite tolerant of room acoustics and positioning. Maybe easier for you to find too, being a US brand.

I’ve owned s20s prior to the Titans, can’t recommend them highly enough.

Thanks ChrisSU. I’ll rake a look at the Shahinans.

It seems a little odd that you have two sets of speakers. Do you prefer one to the other? If so it might make more sense to look at a better speaker from that manufacturer rather than seemingly picking two alternatives at random. How do you know you’ll like them?

Further to @hungryhalibut post I’m wondering if the S20s as good as they are would give much of an upgrade over either of your current speakers. Might it be possible to consolidate around one pair and might that give the scope to look at the Titan 707s. Of course a demo is really essential but appreciate that might be difficult for you.

I have 3 sytems in my home. The Proacs are in the bedroom with XS3. The living room has the Buchardt right now with the 282/250DR. The third is a Project amp and Fern and Roby Cube speakers. All different in their approach and all used regularly. Getting the 282/250DR has made me realize that none of my current speakers, at least in my view, are at the level of that amplification. Plus I’m looking to get something that fits better in my living room space. You’re correct that I am taking a chance on whether or not I’ll like the new ones but that is why I’m investigating as much as I can before purchasing. Sometimes limitations prevent us from being able to test things before we purchase. I am not the kind of guy that is willing to wait forever to experience things only because I’ve never heard them before, as in the case of speakers. If I really don’t like the chosen speakers there is always used equipment sales for well known capable units.

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Good question but I’m sure I’ll see some improvement in details and bass presentation. I’m sure the 707 are terrific but part of the solution is a physical space issue, height, width, etc. And also the 707 are $22,000 in the US. Too much for me.

I would talk with dealers or distributors if they can help with a demo pair shipped to your destination, prepaid fee of course.

Not all Kudos or Neat floorstanding speakers are happy in limited space near wall.

I’d never use that high budget without homedemo.

With 282/250, and not a lot of space, the Neat Ultimatum XLS could be considered. Big monitors and very good match with Naim.
Kudos 505 or Wilson Benesh Vertex.

I was looking at the XLS but dealer said probably could use a little more space, so I’ve ruled it out. 505 slightly out of budget at $12,500 in the US. I’ll check the Wilson Benesh. Thanks.

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Not something I’ve encountered much in the states. Usually you buy and then return if they don’t work out and if the dealers aren’t local.

…have you considered another pair of ProAc speakers? I run a pair of D30RS speakers with my 282/250DR and they sound mighty sweet. I imagine the drawback is that I found they work best 21/22 inches from the wall.

I have. I was offered a great deal on very lightly used pair of D48R but interestingly enough the previous owner was trading them in on Kudos 808 because they are too bass boomey in his environment which was larger than my space. So not an option. I thought about D2R also as stand mount but all reviews feel more space is necessary behind the speaker than I have available.

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What about Sonus Faber Olympica Nova

That’s a very good suggestion plus I have a dealer very close. I will definetly take a look this coming week. Thanks!

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I used kudos s20 w 282/250 - really a super match!

Just bought the shahinian arcs for my current setup

Dont know the neats


Thanks for the recommendation Lars!

Always liked this pic


pretty funny

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