Need A New MC Cart for RP8 into Naim Boards

Sadly my Lyra Helikon SL had a “accident” and needs to be replaced. As much as I’d like another Lyra it’s not in the cards. High on my list are the Audio-Technica ART9 XI & XA. Would either be a good match for my RP8 (w/spacers) & K boards? Are S/E boards a better choice? I listen to mostly jazz w/ some classical. Lastly, are we allowed to discuss “other” phono boards here?

For anyone running a RP8 without the plinth, get a Pro-ject 5/9 cover and spare yourself the grief and unnecessary expense that waits!

No discussion of unauthorised modifications to Naim kit please. Thanks.

As a Pro-Ject 5/9 cover user on an RP10, I can attest to its protective value when running without the outer plinth!

As for a cart, have you considered getting the Helikon SL repaired?

The ART9s are very good. IIRC @Steveh started a thread on here a while back on the ART9 cart.

See here;

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I have just had a Troika rebuilt by Goldring, Daviod used to do the rebuilds for Linn.

Currently sat in a box next to me, waiting to get a couple of phono amps in place before I fit it to my Aro. One phono amp will include the ‘k’ boards I bought for my Karma in 1983.

Thanks Richard. I did look into a rebuild. It’s $2215! A new Kleos is $3695 (way out of my price range) and my Helikon in trade plus $2960 gets me a new Kleos. It’s not the most generous replacement policy. The thing with having a 3rd party rebuild it at considerably less cost is that what you get back is not the same Lyra cart. They will use different parts with a different skill set doing the work. The results might be fine but it is something else. Kind of like an unauthorized service or mod to Naim kit with different parts - what you end up with is not the same. One of the great things about Audio Technica carts is the very reasonable cost - which is a little less in the US than it is in Japan. These days I don’t have much interest in paying 100% importer/distributor mark-ups.

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