Need a repair

We have a Naim Mu-So device and, despite several hard resets, following precisely the instructions of the Naim Technical Team, we continue to have a red flashing night and are unable to play any audio.

Our device is 1st generation, bought approximately 5 1/2 years ago in the UK for our home in Spain.

Do you know who in Spain we can contact to arrange a repair.

I hope we can find a solution.

Thanks for your help.

If your Mu-So persists with the flashing red light it could indicate a hardware fault necessitating a repair. Have you followed these results up with the Naim support team? What did they advise?

I think only the Naim factory can repair these so if it does require a repair then it would need to be sent there via your Naim dealer. I would contact the dealer you purchased the Mu-So from and let them know the situation.

Thank you Richard. Yes I contacted the Naim technical team, who referred me to a Spanish distributor, who then referred me to Expert Audio for repair. I can’t seem to get a response from them.

Sounds all too familiar in Spain these days I’m afraid. Expert audio are nice enough to speak to if you can get hold of them but if you ever do engage them, prepare for a long wait and no communication in the meantime. The distributor isn’t helpful, doesn’t understand Naim products or what services should be available - they will answer with certainty something they haven’t checked so you have to do your own homework and educate the distributor. Naim will simply refer you back to the distributor. Not helpful I know but the sad reality of Spanish support since Naim and Hometech fell out. Hopefully you can get some support from the forum, some very knowledgeable and helpful members here.

Are you setting up wirelessly? The gen 1 muso wont work on 5GHz.

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Thanks for your help. I’ve got in touch with Expert Audio, who have asked us to send the Muso to them in Barcelona, for them to prepare a quote.


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