Need help finding a vTuner station on my SuperUniti

Hello! I am looking to stream KOWS radio from California on my SuperUniti. I used the vTuner app and have located the station (see attached screen shot). When I navigate the genre list in my Naim streamer, I can’t find the station. The vTuner says it’s category is “Public/Variety” and I have searched both the Public and Variety genres without luck.

Any vTuner experts able to help me find this stream?

Thanks in advance,

On the naim app I can find it under
All Stations

On a SU.

On screen it’s same path, station 1134 of 3492 (you can press 5 twice to jump to K, sure you know this).

Connects and plays ok.

Need to be patient before searching, the all stations list is quite slow to load into the naim app.

Thanks! My problem was that I was not in the “All Stations” section. I was somehow in the “Most Popular Stations” section which was limiting my selections

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