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My Naim system is currently out of use whilst a part of it is off with Naim for service. I’ve tried living with a single Sonus Play 5 speaker in my listening room but whilst it’s impressive for what it is, it’s just not cutting the mustard.

This leaves me with one option if I want some form of enjoyable stereo replay… my old Technics mini separates system which has been doing a sterling service in the garage for the last few years. It’s pretty clean and sounds ok, but I don’t want to cart the bundled Technics speakers in the house and try and balance them on my (angled) purpose built Sonus Faber stands in the listening room.

So, if I may, I would like to pool in to the great minds on this forum that are far better electronically/technically minded than I, with a quick question…

Would pairing my old Technics system with my Sonus Faber Olympica 1’s be ok?

The Technics amp has a 90 watt rated output but suggests a 6 ohm speaker. The Sonus Fabers recommended power handling is 40 to 150 watts and they are nominally 4 ohm.

I’m pretty confident that with the 90watts the Technics has enough to drive them safely, but it’s the ohm difference that I’m not sure about? I just want to make sure there’s no chance of damaging the Olympica’s.

If anyone in the know could provide a definitive answer, I would be very appreciative. Thanks :blush:

Which one is it? I had the technics HD51 back in the days.

Hi Ardbeg10y. It’s the Technics HD50, very similar I would expect?

The Technics looks tiny compared to the main system! It’s now in place and ready to take on temporary duties!


Don’t worry. The difference between 6 ohms and 4 ohms is not significant in this context. Your speakers will be fine.



Plug em in and let us know how they sound :sunglasses:

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I ran the hd51 a while in B&W CM1’s. Inefficient loudspeakers, but nice. I did not turn the volume over -40db as it is indicated on the HD51. Not sure what that means exactly, but this is what I remember. When turning up the volume higher, distortion happened.

Then I visited a Naim dealer by accident and now I’m here :slight_smile:

Just before I brought the stuff to the charity shop, I hooked it up once more but there was no reason to keep it. Naim was so much way better. I should have spend the money on a Nait 2 back in the days instead of this high street stuff!

Great, thanks David. I thought that would be the case, but I was just being a little cautious!

First impressions…well, as Ardbeg10y suggests, it’s not Naim, but it’s actually better than I expected and certainly better than listening to the single Sonos speaker! Everything has sunk back into the speakers, but it sounds clean and clear and there’s no distortion, so It’ll do until my main system is up and running again.

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