Neil Young Writes Book About Really Good Sound

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:small_orange_diamond:Artist Neil Young,…continues his crusade to make people appreciate music with High Sound Quality in the digital age.

Now he writes a whole book on the subject.
:small_orange_diamond:"To Feel the Music: A songwriterâs Mission To Save High-Quality Audio",
reports Pitchfork.

“It goes through how music used to sound, and how the sound is depleted by the technology and record companies.
Instead of getting better over time,.as with much other technology,it has gotten worse”, writes Young on his website.

The book,…he co-wrote with Phil Baker, who basses over Young’s huge music archive “The Neil Young Archives”…and is released on September 9th.

:black_small_square:An interesting artist,…who has always fought for High Soundquality.



Does he mention his confrontation with Steve Jobs over the vinyl he sent him?

It hasn’t been published yet; September, I think.



This is a man who, to be blunt, is on YouTube demonstrating that he doesn’t know the difference between dynamics and dynamic range. It’s an embarrassing interview and essential viewing for anyone interested in investing in this ridiculous book. A man described elsewhere as “peddling junk science”. That’s the polite version. “Clueless” might be another.

I’m glad he’s theoretically on the side of good sound quality but he changes with the wind and his views are embarrassingly ill-informed.

Definitely ordering one as well then!!

I don’t think I do either. What is the difference between dynamics and dynamic range?

That’s Neil for you, always has been and always will be.

Keep on keeping on!


I would rather have Shakey write about really good music. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Chag -

So, a little flesh on the bones. Early on in his career Neil released an album (I’m sure you can figure out which) using Haeco-CSG technology. Never heard of again. Hold that thought. It does reoccur.

Then we had his brilliant dalliance with DVD-A at a point when no-one thought it was the future of anything but Neil converted his entire archive to DVD-A and held up its release by at least a decade in consequence.

Follows that with his brilliant disposition on why Blu-Ray is now the future of audio and is so convinced by this he goes on TV and, in the YouTube video I’ve referenced earlier, is completely embarrassed by not knowing the difference between dynamics and dynamic range. The look of those he’s interviewed with is priceless.

Ooh, whatever could come next? Ah, yes, Pono. The brilliant interview where he acknowledges that the history of sound reproduction is one where portability triumphs over quality so he invents a high quality HD player which isn’t portable and certainly won’t fit in your pocket.

Next up - Pono streams and Neil patents some new audio formats. Followed by? Well, do you know anyone who owns one as their go to device and file format?

Let’s not forget that in the middle of this he records at least one album which is end to end digital and low quality at that. That in turn can be bookended by an album recorded by Jack White on Voice O Graph. Putting aside the contrary nature of the man and the frequent hypocrisy one could only marvel at his attempts to claim it as a high end recording a la

And then there his tinnitus. Severe rather than mild.

The man has made a handful of truly magnificent faux “authentic” records but when it comes to high end audio he’s nothing but a flailing buffoon.

Simplistic and flawed it may be but The New Analog by Krukowski will be a far more rewarding read.

Ha-ha, but at least he gets the word out like no nerdy burndy-bender ever will.


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