neo flamenco sugestions

im searching for nice spanish guitar songs posible with a very bright or airy sound.
im pretty new into these genre i discovered these guitarist from a youtube video where one of my audio rewievers youtubers [Pursuit Perfect System tested a pair Dynaudio evoke 20 vs Sonus Faber Sonetto 2 and love it specially these song listening it right now on my new Focal headphones.

anybody knowes similar songs also enjoy Jesse Cook .

Not flamenco, but from neighbouring Portugal: Mario Pacheco

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Acoustic guitar rather than flamenco per-se:

Tommy Emmanuel. Try Live! at the Ryman.
Rodriguez y gabriela. Mettavolution. Their cover of Echoes is worth checking out. Flamenco meets Rock.

Paco de Lucia, a great Spanish flamenco guitarist, has played with John McLaughlin and others.

His records are on the Philips label.


Sam is a friend of mine, professional flamenco guitarist. He is mesmerising live too.


And if you are interested, ‘Nueva Flamengo’ has brought some great music, like Ojos de Brujo (which is different from just acoustic guitar, but more the spirit of flamenco music)

One of my favourites, which sound great on the hifi

Rodrigo y Gabriela - ‘Tamacun’


Some real flamenco…

Duendeando is a great radio show on RNE3 (radio tres) on the weekends. It’s a fabulous introduction to flamenco old & new!