neo flamenco sugestions

im searching for nice spanish guitar songs posible with a very bright or airy sound.
im pretty new into these genre i discovered these guitarist from a youtube video where one of my audio rewievers youtubers [Pursuit Perfect System tested a pair Dynaudio evoke 20 vs Sonus Faber Sonetto 2 and love it specially these song listening it right now on my new Focal headphones.

anybody knowes similar songs also enjoy Jesse Cook .

Acoustic guitar rather than flamenco per-se:

Tommy Emmanuel. Try Live! at the Ryman.
Rodriguez y gabriela. Mettavolution. Their cover of Echoes is worth checking out. Flamenco meets Rock.

Paco de Lucia, a great Spanish flamenco guitarist, has played with John McLaughlin and others.

His records are on the Philips label.


Sam is a friend of mine, professional flamenco guitarist. He is mesmerising live too.


One of my favourites, which sound great on the hifi

Rodrigo y Gabriela - ‘Tamacun’


Some real flamenco…

Duendeando is a great radio show on RNE3 (radio tres) on the weekends. It’s a fabulous introduction to flamenco old & new!

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