Nessie RCM's

I’m in the market for a new RCM.
My 20 year old Moth expired a couple of weeks back and after going through the archives on here I plumped for the Okki Nokki One, primarily because it will clean all the sizes of vinyl media.
Unfortunately the experience was poor. On the first machine when the platter rotated it looked like a badly warped disc was playing. This meant the outer 1½" of the record was not being vacuumed dry. I tried to adjust the platter as did my dealer but to no avail. The replacement machine had a similar fault though not quite as bad. I’d consider replacing it with another Moth but until I heard the Okki Nokki I didn’t realise the Moth was so bloody noisy!
I expect the Pro-Ject VC-S2 will be it’s replacement. I’d love to get a Degritter or an Audio Desk but I’m struggling to justify that much money.
My dealer suggested another option priced around halfway between the two - the Nessie. They look like serious machines. Does anyone have any experience of them?
Thanks in advance.

I doubt whether Nessie has been seen recently. It is thought - by those who believe that she exists at all - that she dives into the deepest waters of the loch, when she senses that hunters are about.

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Well that’s helped my decision, lol.
The Nessie machines look good but at North of a grand a bit of a risk without anecdotal evidence.

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