Nest box 2022

I’ve had some sort of nest box camera for about 15 years. As tech moves on, I tend to upgrade the design, but this is the first change in 8 years now. The cameras have always been connected via cable, as that’s still the best way (without going BBC standard) and they’ve always been connected to my tv. It’s been good, but limited by the fact that I have obviously have to be in front of the tv and it has to be on.

This time I’ve changed to an IP camera with the signal and power via one poe cable. The advantage is it goes directly to my router and I can watch it any where I take my phone, etc… The camera is now 25fps and full hd. It’s so much better now. Here’s a few pics with some boring things I’ve learnt putting it together.

Needs to be a proper matt black around the camera. The camera is nice, but I find the lenses are basic and don’t cope with ANY extraneous light hitting the surface. The sheild in front is black on the lens side, white on the other to reflect light back in.

Lighting is 80% led 20% daylight window. The clever led has a sensor to switch itself off at dusk.

Window, sealed around with silicone.


I learnt the hard way from the last box I made, that by making the base an absolutely precision fit, it expanded over time and pushed the sides out, even though they were screwed and glued. It never got wet inside, just the general absorption of humidity. This time I left a 2mm gap all round.

Even though this is a very hard hardwood (which makes construction a pain) the blue tits always peck around the holes and makes them look tatty. Not any more.

All joins are tight and sealed, so no moisture can get in and ruin the construction over time. Stainless steel screws throughout.

I like it centralised on the pole. It saves the pole, harder to climb and the whole set up is balanced better. The cable has a protector around it and I need to sink it into the ground.

Within 2 days of putting it up, a couple of blue tits checked it out. The footage is so much better than I’ve had before. I haven’t looked into live streaming it to the outside world yet and I can’t see how to add videos here, but here’s a freeze frame from the blue tit popping in for the first time.


Nice work !


Look forward to seeing more


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