Netflix Boosts Audio Quality

I see Netflix has upped the sample rate of their streamed surround sound. -

Not noticed any difference. Just finished watching the latest Star Trek series. Worst audio for TV I think I have ever heard. Voices always sounded distorted with loads of sibilance.

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Yeah, same here, noticed the voices were hit and miss. But conversely, the Apple TV iTunes movies seem to be sounding better?

Glad it’s not just me then. It may well have been on the lower bitrate as it would explain it. Never new it was that low though.

Now that I think about though, I have been alternating between the TV App and the Apple TV App. I should check whether one is better than the other.

I found my App in Nvidia shield sounded better than the app in my TV. They both go out of TV into my AV amp via optical.

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